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The Moment I Realized “Tomorrow Is Not Promised”, I Became A Home Remodeler

Since I stepped into my twenties, I have observed a number of people starting their business whether at a small level or at a big level and now they have become successful names. Even some of them are my seniors from University, studied business. A few have them started their business startup from very early, during the studies and now they are earning handsomely.

While all were struggling for their career-making, I was struggling with the thoughts “Maybe Someday.”

I have seen some amazing talents gone wasted. Might be they were also stuck with the phrase “Maybe someday” without realizing what “If there is no tomorrow.” A Title of a famous book by Jennifer Armentrout that has helped me realize “Someday is Now.

Since my teenage, I had been interested in decorating my house. Most of my weekends had been spent of re-arranging the things, décor and adding wall hangings in my house. I was so deep into this that may parents suggested me to opt Home remodeling in Cupertino CA as a profession which I have been neglecting until recently. I was designated to choose designing rather I chose business studies because I was so afraid to establish a setup all alone. I was a pessimist and all the other family members have spent years in convincing to pursue my hobby and take it the professional level. The best you can do with your hobby is to make it your living.

However, one day I realized, what it there’s really no tomorrow? Will I be buried along with my wish? No, I could not let it happen.

Cutting short, I decided to pursue home remodeling. Though initially, it was not a big startup still was not easy to handle. I studied the whole system, what it takes to remodel a house. What are the expectations of remodeler? What services can a remodeler? What is the difference between a remodeler and a general contractor?

I prepared my self for these questions before stepping into the ground for Home remodeling service in Cupertino CA. These days, clients are more active and have firm knowledge about the products and services(hats-off to the internet).

With the struggle of 8-9 months, today I can say I have achieved what I needed from life. My home remodeling journey has begun. *Fingers Crossed*

I shared this story not to depress you but to motivate you and make you realized that

“Whatever is holding you back, get it done right now or stop dreaming about it. Someday is not the time to play out your values. It is important you realize what you really want and pursue that to earn the purpose of living”

You and I are young, have energies and can withstand the load/stress, why not to step ahead for a better future?


What do you think?

Written by AbbieSamuel1

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