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The interior of the Provencal style is like a sunny day on the lavender meadow

At first glance, the Proven style seems to be very simple: bright, cozy, warm, with lots of details. However, in order to create it, it is necessary to have an impeccable taste and a sense of moderation. The most important thing in this style is light and natural materials.

The interior of Provence was created in the southern part of France – Provence. The country’s naturally occurring style spread to the south of France, and later throughout the world, as it was associated with romance, nature, the scent of lavender flowers.

People coming in southern France or looking at sensitive romantic films wanted to recreate this environment in their own home. Aesthetically, this style is distinguished by harmonious combining enough different details, and coziness: ancient breath, worn out furniture, rust, rough textures on the walls, and light and warm colors, soft tapestries, plenty of plant motifs.

Colors and materials

Provence style is using only natural colors – mild yellow, light purple, resembling lavender blooms, white, burnt clay red or avocado green. Although the style with all the details is mild and romantic, the wall texture is rough, in coloring, it is unavoidable to leave bright spots, stones or other unevenness in the material.

If you want milder motifs, you can choose from plentifully wallpapers decorated with flower ornaments. The texture or decorative walls that are characteristic of Provence style are perfectly matched with monochromatic natural textile curtains. Floors – wooden or covered with natural stone tiles. Authenticity and naturalness are a necessity in this style. It is important in materials, texture, and ornaments.

About fabrics

Like all other details in this style, the fabrics are just natural. Most used linen, cotton, silk, tapestry. For the interior is inevitable the expressive folded bedspreads (curtains, covers), clothes are folded and covered with one another (bed covers, tablecloths).

Carpets are usually quiet colors, with a little pattern, they are laid in almost all rooms – from the kitchen to the living room of the family. Exclusive Provencal fabric – linen decorated with romantic paintings, most often they are made in blue and white, but there are also green, black or brown pictures.

About the furniture

The most important Provencial interior style accent is antique furniture. As they are older and wearier, the interior is more expressive. This is usually the 19th century’s end or the twentieth-century beginning’s furniture, from the simplest to expressive and carved dark wood furniture.

Worn out paint, rustic surfaces and authentic ornaments create a provincial, but aesthetic and style of the mood. When restoring the furniture, you do not need to overdo it and leave its durability marks, and sometimes even reinforce them. Exquisite antique chairs, worn table tops, a massive dining table with porcelain dishes are perfectly matched to rough walls and natural paving. In addition to the wood, the metal is equally important in  Provence style. Metal lamp frames, shelves or even utensils.

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