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See Why Marble Interior Design Is The Ultimate Trend For 2017

Marble has been widely used in architecture, art and design. Are you following the latest trends when it comes to interior design? If you do, you probably know that marble is having a comeback in the interior design. No wonder it has become the most desired trend, as it looks so elegant. Designers are incorporating it in various ways. And the best thing is that you don’t have to buy real expensive marble, since the pattern itself is the one that is trendy. Different imitations can work as well. Check out these wonderful designs and see why marble is the ultimate trend or 2017!


The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of incorporating marble is probably the bathroom. It is the most common use of it. The marble floor  sure looks elegant. White marble is the best choice here, as it gives a luxurious look.

The surface around under-mount sinks will look awesome with the marble print. Just make a decision which one will have it. As patterns are needed to be used in small amounts, choose wisely. It will be floor or counter tops. Not both at the same time.


Replace a classic wooden kitchen island with a marble one. It will be an astonishing centerpiece you will love to have. This will make your kitchen look so luxurious. As we know that white one is widely used, it can fit here as well. Despite, it will give that “clean” look to the kitchen. This trendy design will be a huge hit for 2017.

Despite the kitchen islands, you can also have a marble counter top. Having a surface like this will look just great in every kitchen. But you need to consider one tip here. Have only one marble surface at a time, as you don’t want your kitchen to look like a “palace” in a negative way.

Living room

The most important thing when it comes to incorporating marble is using it carefully. Remember that less is more. If you are up to taking marble into your living room, use it in small dose. Designers make a part of walls with this pattern. Nothing much, than one wall will look wonderful. It will add some luxury into your living room.

If paired with correct pieces, marble will fit perfectly into furniture design. It does not necessarily to have real marble, as it’s look can be imitated easily. A coffee table with marble pattern on top will look expensive and high-end. You can do this yourself too.


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