Reorganizing Project Continues…

Friday, 9.6.19

This morning, I decided to go to Target because I wanted to be some peach-colored bathroom organizers and bathroom mats. There were a lot of cute peach stuff, and I splurged because my bathroom and bedroom, which is connected into master bedroom, have been peach colored since 1986. (mostly peach colored items…I didn’t paint walls or furniture, which are still the same off-white color).

I noticed the townhouse nextdoor has an Open House sign. I decided to go browse inside, which is remodeled. The popcorn ceiling is gone, and the floors and stairs are light wood colored. The kitchen are all stainless steel. The 184 home is the same size as mine, but my carport is connected to my townhouse. Their carport is across from their townhouse, and their townhouse is connected to a small A Unit apartment-size complex, which is on top of their garage. I think the inside looks different layout than mine. The new version doesn’t have mirrored closet doors. One of my bedrooms does. Mine is still mostly the old style, but with few new changes during this decade. Their new remodeling looks contemporary. I wonder who my new neighbors will be. I noticed some people walking inside to check out the Open House. Their backyard is cute, all stone. My backyard is crooked. My late father didn’t want to pay to straighten out the ground. 

It will be a long day today because I have two meetups in the evenings, both in the same area. So, I might just walk around one lake, and then go to the movie meetup to see IT Part 2, unless the movie is sold out, then I might just go home. I don’t want to walk 2 lakes in this humidity. This weather is shit!

Anyway, I still need to reorganize my vanity dresser items inside my bedroom as well as my nightstand. 

My reorganizing project continues, but it really is neverending because it gets messed up easily, usually by the end of the month. 

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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