Pros And Cons Of Frameless Shower Doors

If your intention is to build or reform your bathroom to the latest, modern and trendy, you need a screen to liven it up to expectations.

Although at first, you think it does not make a big difference, you just have to know the details about frameless glass doors in bathrooms to realize the aesthetic power they have and the great importance they offer when the design of the bathroom matters.

Advantages Of Frameless Shower Doors

A great advantage is in its modern aesthetic. It accompanies the most exclusive materials and most modern design environments.

They are perfect for the smallest bathrooms where every detail adds up. These are integrated without minimizing the space or breaking the visual continuity at any time.

The frameless glass shower doors are in tune with the style of the most current bathrooms and with the designs of today.

They offer more enclosure. If you need a solution to the frequent splatters of water in the bathroom, then you should put for the frameless shower doors.

Disadvantages of frameless shower doors

The frameless shower doors are not all beds of roses. Even the best home materials have downsides too. And as experts in glass installation and locksmithing, we want to give you all the details.

Regarding the disadvantages of frameless doors, it can be said that in the case of bathroom doors, the glass must have a substantial thickness to operate without problems.

Think long and hard if your bathroom renovation is being done to put your house on the market. There is a possibility that you will never recover the extra money that is poured into your bathroom remodeling project if you choose a more expensive door like this, especially if you are already over budget.

We advise you to purchase a pre-framed glass door adapted with handles, grab bars and built-in attachments.

Frameless glass door attachments sell separately from the shower door. Imagine falling in love with the door handle on the shower model that captivated your interest. Probably, this model has the shape of a beautifully sculpted swan and you can not imagine owning the door without the handle.

You have to be careful; even some of the most beautifully designed glass shower installation portends more leaks than a framed shower door. The fact is that frameless doors do not seal perfectly. There is no way to install magnetic strips and rubber flanges that prevent even the best-mounted shower from the splatter of water here, there and everywhere.

On average, there is a quarter-inch gap between the door and the wall in the typical frameless shower facilities that can not be avoided. Without a frame, the hinges of the glass door should rest at an angle of 90, 135 or 180 degrees when the door is closed, so it is impossible to avoid a little water escaping from the enclosure, even if your contractor knows what he does.

To help you minimize the downsides of these installations, then you should contact Rembrandt Glass & Door LLC, one of the best frameless shower doors companies in Key West FL.


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