New Home, New Community

Population rates across the country have been booming in recent decades, leading to a higher demand for homes. Many first time home buyers are waiting until later in life to buy a new home and trends are showing that new construction is becoming much more popular than buying an existing home. This article examines trends in new home construction.

More Bang for the Buck

One of the biggest trends in home purchasing in recent decades is the delay in home purchasing for first time home buyers; first time home buyers in recent years have begun waiting until later in life to purchase their first home. Buyers are looking for ways to get more value for their dollar so they are putting off home purchases. Home purchasing has begun to shift to the purchases new construction homes. This allows for customization of many elements of the home which makes the homeowner feel as though they are getting more value for their money. First time home buyers looking to buy new homes in Tulsa, OK are looking for companies that allow them a lot of input in the decision making process which makes the buyers feel as though their hard earned money is being used the most efficiently.


New home construction allows for a lot of customization in floor plan, as well as customizing of elements like cabinets, closet space, etc. Allowing the home buyer to customize their home during the building process gives the homeowner a real sense of ownership of the home. When buying a pre-existing home, the entire home is already built and in many cases may require some renovations to make the home better suite the new homeowners needs. With the ability to customize homes through the new home building process, the owner actually feels as if they have ownership of the space in which they live.

Home Community

Another new trend in new home buying is the building of homes integrated into new neighborhoods that have a community feel. Companies are not only building new homes, but around the homes they are creating communities by adding elements that give the neighborhood a community feel. Adding things like walking trails, stores, parks and other community features give new homeowners an opportunity to get out of the home into a local environment and socialize with neighbors. Creating spaces for socialization as well as including basic day to day needs, like shopping, etc. make the neighborhood stand out in comparison to others. Those looking to buy new homes in Tulsa, OK, want to find a place that they feel gives them the most value for their money, and perks like community amenities make the newly built neighborhoods more appealing.


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