My Dishwasher Was Broken These Guys Fixed It In No Time

Last week while I was doing the dishes my dishwasher suddenly started acting up. There was water everywhere and I didn’t know where it was coming out of the dishwasher. I turned it off and called my husband.

My husband was at work but he picked up my call.

I told him about the problem and he called these guy from the innumerable appliance repair companies in Bethesda MD, and I am grateful for it. These guys were at our doorstep after just two hours.

I called them and they started tinkering with the dishwasher. After a few minutes, they asked if they could take the dishwasher to have a better look and they said yes.

They took the dishwasher outside and opened it up.

As soon as they opened it up even I could see what the problem was. The pipe which sent hot water to the dishwasher was broken.

The dishwasher was old so I wasn’t surprised. After they brought a new piece of pipe from their van the guy who was still tinkering with the dishwasher found another problem.

The problem this time was with the seal of the dishwasher. The seal was about to give in. When he should be the seal I knew that would have given in after a few more washes.

So, this time one guy went to the van again and brought a new seal that was an exact fit for my dishwasher.

All this process took a lot of time but it was all worth it. These guys solved an existing problem and another which was going to occur after a few days.

They answered all my question about the dishwasher and about the repairs. They even gave me tip on how to better maintain the dishwasher and prevent future malfunctions. I loved these guys.

After they were done my husband settled everything with them.

After my husband came home he told me about the price of the repairs. The price was very reasonable. I couldn’t believe after they had put in so much effort they would ask for such a reasonable amount.

I told my husband about all that had happened and he was also surprised.

These guys were awesome.

Yesterday one my friend told me about that her washing machine was broken. Without thinking I told him to contact these guys and gave her the number to call.

She called and they came on the same and fixed her machine in a few hours. She called me today to say thanks for recommending these guys.

I will always recommend these guys to everyone whenever they are in need of repairs. These guys are good at what they do, are professional, and provide an excellent service overall. I hope these guys stay in the business of all eternity.


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