Impress Your Guests This Festive Season with These Proven Cleaning & Re-decorating Tips

For the past few decades, much has been written and said about ‘festival cleaning’. This term, however, comes forth during Christmas. If this festival is supposed to be seen as imperial, then the question of cleaning is neither a choice nor a luxury. What all Americans like to call ‘their favorite festival’ after all lights up the hearts of millions. Seen in this perspective, here is a list of cleaning and re-decorating ideas you will love.

Christmas is the right time for deep cleaning

Some of today’s cleaning professionals have proven to busy families that their presence is constructive and helps create a balance in their lives. To prove this argument, look around your house and see how much cleaning does it require. Which corners and ceilings need special attention? What is going on under the carpet? How about the clutter in the kitchen cupboards? The list will go on if you start thinking about all the places that need thorough cleaning.

So, for that clutter aimlessly lying around, and the curtains in dire need of washing, you have to make extra efforts. And let’s face it deep cleaning is a solid answer to all your cleaning problems. Now, you have two options. Either you can hire professionals or muster the courage and willpower to clean the house all by yourself. Not only this but deep cleaning will also create a pathway for re-decoration.

Polish the kitchenware

The expensive dining set that you bought for your guests conveniently lies in the kitchen wardrobe. It’s time to take the silverware out for special treatment. Use a metal cleaner, apply it with the help of a cloth and then gently rub it all over the silverware. Avoid the areas covered in wood or any other material other than metal. Once you are through with the process of applying metal cleaner to the silverware, let it dry for sometime. After that, use a clean cloth to get that extra shine and for quicker fixes try silver cleaning gloves.

If in case the silverware has tarnished over time, you can try this method. Take a bowl fill it with aluminum sheet and add some hot water. Then add a handful of soda crystals to it and dip the silverware in the water for at least ten minutes. After ten minutes, take them out and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Clean your decorations

The modern connotation of the word decoration shows how the context of celebration has changed. For many, especially in America, it is a reminder of an image that plays a significant role in bringing everyone together. Instead a substantial no. of Americans are of the view that festivals are nothing without decorations. So in this case scenario, all you have to do is bring out the decorations for thorough cleaning. Because they have stayed in the attic for months. .

You don’t want your guests to see dirty decorations? Of course not! So here’s what you can do. First, check the working of the lights and then quickly wipe off the dust. Do the same with all other decorating materials. This will save you from the trouble of buying new decorations and you can concentrate on buying gifts for your relatives and family.

Minimalism is the key to organizing

There is a key to keeping the house clean. In my opinion, it is the policy of minimalism that stands out. This policy will force you to be ruthless with your belongings. In other words, any piece of extra furniture that doesn’t fit in the house, but is of sentimental value should be sold or given right away. Similarly to keep the house free from clutter bring out the best organizing and storing game forward. The more belongings you have the better chances you have at messing up your house. So, become a minimalist and get rid of all the stuff that you don’t need.

Update your house

By updating your house you will allow yourself the luxury of re-decoration. Which does not have to expensive because updation means that you can start with the little things? For example, change the curtains of your house, replace the mat lying at the front door, buy new cushions covers. All these tiny changing tips will help you give a new look to the house. But make sure you keep the redecorating aesthetics in mind.

In addition to this, you can also play around with the lights in your house. Change the old bulbs that flicker with new power-saving lights. Because lights can jazz up the most humdrum spaces. You can also light up an empty wall with stringed light bulbs. It is one of the most effective decorating techniques that will go along with the festivity vibe.

As many people have pointed out that the decoration and cleaning are crucial for festivals to be a huge success. In today’s world where festivals are pivoted around love and celebratory spirits, festival cleaning has already come to pass. But perhaps, in these accelerated times it is more important to stay rooted in the culture. Give away as much as you can and sustain the essence of every festival. Say, you could not decide how much to tip your house cleaner. So, eventually, Christmas came along and you had the right opportunity to give away something nice. Make use of that opportunity and also follow the tips mentioned in this post. This way the essence of festivity will stay intact and your guests will definitely stay impressed.


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Written by Sean Roberts

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