How to Upgrade your Kitchen Interior on a Budget?

Kitchen is one of the most patronized spaces in the home due to its importance to every household member. While many people invest in their kitchens to serve them for a longer period, it is unfortunate that the ancient kitchen styles do not meet modern-day designs in terms of ideas and appliances. Hence, there is a need to upgrade your kitchen to meet up with today’s standard.

However, upgrading a kitchen can be a strenuous and expensive project if you want to install glass cabinets, top-of-the-line appliances, fancy door handles, granite countertops, and much more.

Let’s face it; upgrading a kitchen on a tight budget may seem unachievable, but here is good news for you-you can take your kitchen interior to the next level on a budget and still give your kitchen interior a facelift of your dream. Whether you want to invest on a newly constructed kitchen or you are planning to upgrade your own on a budget, the tips shared in this post will make your kitchen meet the modern standards and they are affordable. Read on, as you discover the secrets.

9 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Kitchen Interior

These kitchen remodeling tips will help you make a significant impact at the lowest cost possible. However, it is essential to remain focused on giving a facelift to your kitchen and not complete reconstruction. The key point is to have a plan to guide and help you stick to your budget.

Focus on your Kitchen Cabinets

The focus of any kitchen upgrade is on the kitchen cabinets – especially, installing new cabinets. However, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars doing this, as you can upgrade the current set and still give them a face lift you desire. Have you heard of glass display cabinets? You can upgrade those wooden cabinets to glass cabinets as against installing a new one which can be cost intensive. I promise you will love it. It is a new trend of kitchen upgrade on a budget.

Try Lighting up your Kitchen

Illumination can change the feel of your kitchen. According to JRL Interiors’ Principal Designer, Janet Lorusso, dimmable LED lights placed under upper cabinets or on the interior part of glass cabinet doors can change the look of your kitchen. It has been studied to offer extra light that can brighten counter surfaces and as well as the entire kitchen environment. You can have varieties for different times of the day. While dim, warm lights can be perfect for nighttime, bright white lights are ideal during the day.

Upgrade Backsplash

Many homeowners believe that backsplash replacement can take up thousands of dollars when it comes to kitchen interior upgrade. But the truth is that – this shouldn’t be an expensive project. There are affordable and do-it-yourself backsplash tile upgrades that can be handled cheaply. Semi-permanent installation is also possible, should the case you later decide to remove them when you are moving out, or you want to replace it with another option. There are varieties of tile colors you can select from – remove those outdated tiles and replace them with colorful ones.

Replace your Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs do receive much rough-handling in the kitchen; hence, they change colors over time. Replacing those cabinet doors and drawer knobs are one of the affordable and stylish ways to upgrade your kitchen. You can find modern knob and drawer pull designs in your local hardware store cheaply. You can stick to one design all through to bring a new feel to your kitchen. Uniformity, in the form of the color scheme throughout the kitchen, does add value to your kitchen.

Change Floor Coverings

Another cost-effective strategy to update your kitchen is by replacing the floor coverings. This is the time to change that kitchen rug if it has been a while you do. Try to mix up the floor coverings to match your color scheme as suggested above. However, if your rug is still new and your budget cannot cover the floor, you may not need a complete replacement but only to change the affected areas to achieve your goal.

Change Cabinet Door Fronts

Changing your traditional cabinet doors from flat wooden panels to glass is another way to upgrade your kitchen. Only those door fronts can bring bespoke fell to your kitchen. The world is now turning to glass display cabinets with the new trend of modern cabinets. According to Ariel Farmer, using glass such as a Chicken wire to replace your old cabinet Shaker-style doors can go a long way in your bid to upgrade your kitchen.

Improve on your Kitchen Curtains and Paint 

Don’t underestimate the significance of new curtains and a coat of paint to match. Give a refreshing look to space by changing the color to something cool. This should not cost you much compared to the facelift you envisage. The painting can be handled in-house without the need to incur labor cost, which is another mean of saving some bucks. Replacing the curtains will also go a long way in upgrading your kitchen. Ensure that the curtains match the paint and rugs to make it colorful.

Fancy Kitchen Faucet is the New Trend

Upgrading to a new kitchen faucet will not only change the face of your kitchen but also improve the functionalities of the room. Kitchen is home to activities where everything needs to function well. New faucets are equipped with useful features that make cleaning and the entire cooking tasks easier and faster; you can adjust the height of these faucets to match tasks such as washing and filling different sizes of pots.

Clear off Countertops

A perfect arrangement of your countertops can add values to your kitchen setup. Clear off unwanted items that take large spaces on your countertops. Some of these items such as appliances, slow cooker, etc. can be kept in the cabinets.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants a new kitchen, but the cost of setting up one can be scaring. While you think it’s expensive to upgrade your kitchen, simple and affordable changes you can make have been discussed here? Share your view in the comment box!


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