Fixing my new Coat Rack

Thursday, 9.24.20

Yesterday, while checking my gmail, I noticed that my order has arrived at Bed Bath & Beyond. It was 5 pm. Since I live only 5 miles away, I decided to go and pick it up from the store. When I arrived, they couldn’t find my order. Someone noted that it is probably still in the back area. They brought it out, and I noticed it was kind of a small box, and very light. I thought the box would be a lot bigger and maybe a little heavy. I took it home, excited to put it together. 

I opened the box, and took out a couple of wooden pieces, three screws, and an L-shaped screwed driver that looks like the one in IKEA. The process was like putting together an IKEA item. I noticed many stores, such as Target, are turning into IKEA wannabes. It was fun putting the pieces together, and tightening them well to make the coat rack sturdy. But I also noticed that the middle stem had been cracked, and the bottom stem had little bubbles. The three main wood pieces looked glossy. So, that is probably why the bottom one still had little bubbles. 

This morning, I decided to go to Ace Hardware to buy stuff to fix the cracks. I bought some wood filler, stainer, and to stain markers–one for brown furniture and one for cherry red, which I want to use on my old furniture I already have. The crack is very long and narrow, but I carry placed the light-colored filler over it and let it dry. Then, I brushed it off with an old toothbrush and mild scrubbing sponge so that only the inside remain. Most of the crack was filled well. Then, I used a small paintbrush, and painted the rich-colored dark brown Kona oil stainer over the covered crack to darken the filling. I had chosen this rich dark-brown color because the wooden coat rack is a chestnut brown color, and I felt a darker shade stainer would be better to cover the covered crack because the filler is a light color. Kona is a dark brown color. The other stainer I saw at the store was a gel, and I thought that would be too messy. So, I chose the darker oily liquid shade of Kona. 

After finishing painting over the crack, i noticed it looks darker than the actual wood, which I guess is better anyway. It covers the light-colored filler as well as any crack area. Plus, it will be covered with robes, two winter hats, casual totes, DKNY rain poncho, and two mexican hoodie pullovers. I hope it is sturdy now, and it won’t crack anymore. It is cute looking coat rack with a traditional style. 

I had also chosen this coat rack because it is the same color as my bedroom furniture, which I have had since I was young. It fits into my bedroom style. I hope it is OK now, and the crack won’t come undone. 

My peach bed decor because I love pastels. 


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