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Five Important Elements in any Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens serve as a great place for cooking with relaxed and colourful seating. People even include good seating or open shelves to store cookery books. To make it an elegant looking arena and a place to cook/hangout in peace, one has to decide on those particular items/accessories which will help them build their dream kitchen. Let’s take a look.

Here are five things that are essential for your modern kitchen:

Layered Kitchen Lighting: A well-planned modern kitchen requires layered lighting to cover its different areas (the pressure here is to manage the layers). If the ceiling of your kitchen is in recessed format, then it is good for normalised lighting. Pendant lights help in setting a distinct tone to the area. It enhances the beauty of the kitchen island as well. If you are thinking about widening the visual space, then installing LED lights in the toe kicks will be the best step.

High-quality kitchen island: Let the island be the jack of all trades. It should serve multiple purposes. It will be providing more counter space allowing several people to work simultaneously. It should be creating the best seating arrangement. It must have the advantage of adding appliances like sinks or cooktops.

Splashbacks: Splashbacks are the most required accessory in the kitchen these days because it protects your kitchen from accidental spills, scratches and also from high-temperature conditions. Hence you can pick from the following according to your requirements:

  • Glass splashback: They have a glossy flat surface, comes in a wide range of colours, easy to clean and durable too.
  • Chalkboard splashback: This allows you and your family to note down the grocery lists that need to be reminded on a daily basis.
  • Copper splashback: In addition to long-lasting, durable and easy to clean it is also anti-fungal.
  • Arabesque tiles: These fall under the vast section of tiles. They bring an elegant look to your kitchen.
  • Marble splashback: It’s great to have this kind of splashbacks, but it’s a bit tricky to maintain. Due to their porous nature, they are prone to staining. not suitable for conditions prone to stains.

The integrated sink: As drainage system is the most important part in a kitchen, investing in a durable sink is a must. It doesn’t mean that one would have to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of their kitchen. It is best to go for integrated sinks that goes really well with countertops these days. The addition of drainage grooves in-line with under mounted sinks is a good step towards modernising your kitchen.

Beautifully designed and robust worktops/countertops: A countertop is undoubtedly the most essential part of any modern kitchen. They are of various types:

  • Marble worktops: As it’s a crystalline form of limestone, they are porous in nature which enables them to withstand high temperatures. Marble worktops are elegant and help in enhancing the look and feel of a kitchen.
  • Granite worktops: High temperature resistant, durable, scratch resistant, anti-bacterial and easy to clean.
  • Quartz worktops: Manufactured from quartz which are available in nature; they have polished surface-hence non-porous, anti-bacterial and easy to clean. The recently launched quartz countertops are eco-friendly and come in varied shades. Stylish edging is an added advantage of this category of worktops.


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Written by David Smith

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