Felt Like Reorganizing Living Room

Tuesday, 5.26.20

Today, I didn’t go out anywhere. I wanted to reorganize my living room area. i placed the red and black boho cushions on the couches, and then I put the 2 Urban Outfitter cushions on the boho floor rug. I also combed a lot of cat hair off cushions and rugs. I decided to cover the Urban Outfitter cushions with my Tijuana blankets. In the process, I accidentally broke a couple of items in my way. Whatever. I really don’t care anymore. But now there is room for me to do floor exercises, such as yoga and stretches. Now, there is a mess in my office space. I want to go to the mall to see what they did during the closure, if there are any changes. I was busy with this home project that I skipped walking outside.

Then, I went on youtube to check out some videos. 

This new healthy coffee from Grocery Outlet is good. It has protein and MCT oil as well as mocha flavor. It doesn’t have sugar. I also drank a cup of Matcha Green Tea. I hope I can sleep tonight.

People in Australia don’t have to wear gloves or masks. Yeah, I think these restrictions are for overpopulated cities, like NYC, LA, OC, Chicago, London, China, etc.

Bill Crosby’s son was a blood sacrifice. The one that was shot in the street for drugs. When I heard about it in the news, I had a feeling there was more to it than a drug deal.

Hair salons have opened in Clovis, California, which is near Fresno.

Today’s psychic reading:

Pile 1: focusing on money and creativity. Being too critical about making money. It is blocking you, which is stressing you out. Pay attention to your intuition and let yourself make mistakes. You are on a creative venture, but fighting the creative element about it.

Pile 2: a man having a relationship issue and fighting with his woman with a third person. You need to have a different understanding because you are learning something different. You will move on from this woman. The woman wants a different relationship, an idealized relationship.

Pile 3: issues over faith. A focus on seeing things different spiritually. Loss of things, money, family and/or friends. It is making you suppressed. You will question everything in your head. There is a love connection, but there is also a struggle between the couple. Change the way you think, and love will flow through.         


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