Appliances To Consider for Your Small Kitchen

If you live in a small apartment with a small kitchen, you have to be smart with the way you utilize space. That means getting multipurpose cookware and using as much empty wall space as you can find to store your kitchen items. However, finding appliances that fit small kitchens can be a little tricky. Here are some compact appliances that you can get for your small kitchen that will not take up much of your limited kitchen space.

Mini food processor

A food processor is a helpful appliance to have in the kitchen because it can conveniently chop and dice any ingredient which just a push of a button. However, food processors can be pretty large so it is not ideal to have a full-size food processor in a small kitchen. Instead, try getting a mini food processor so that you can get the functionality of a food processor without the bulkiness. Mini food processors are typically used for chopping small portions of food, but there is not much difference with a full-size version. So, if you have limited storage space in your kitchen, go for a mini food processor instead.

Air fryer

Air fryers have been gaining a lot of popularity recently and they are especially recommended for those living in small spaces or living alone. An air fryer is a smaller, countertop version of a convection oven. The main purpose is to simulate deep frying for food that would typically be deep-fried in oil, but you can use the air fryer to cook other non-fried dishes. Air fryers can still be quite bulky but there are options for a smaller one with a lower volume capacity. These would be great for one person or a small family, and they will not take up much space on your countertop.

Stick blender

Blenders are another must-have kitchen appliance but the full-size versions can be a little bulky for small kitchens. You could go for a bullet blender; however, they typically have a limit to how much you can blend at a time. If you want a blender for your small kitchen, consider getting a stick blender, or an immersion blender, instead. It is a handheld blender in a wand shape and at the bottom, there are two or three blades that will grind and blend food.

A stick blender takes the workings of a blender but without the jug so you can use it in any other container. It takes a lot less space than a traditional blender but still works perfectly to blend your food and drinks. Some stick blenders come with a whisk attachment so that you can use them as a handheld mixer, eliminating the need to get a separate mixer for your small kitchen.

Coffee machine

Coffee machines can be bulky at times, but it does not have to be. If you want the ability to make fresh coffee in your small kitchen, invest in a coffee machine with a slim design. These coffee machines would only have one grouphead to make only two cups of espresso at a time. However, it is still considered a full-size coffee machine despite having a smaller profile, and it can still make amazing coffee. You can also get a smaller coffee maker that can fit into small spaces if you are not familiar with an espresso machine.

Compact rice cooker

If you frequently eat rice with your meals, you would want to get a rice cooker, but a full-size one is not suitable for a small kitchen. However, many electrical brands have developed compact rice cookers that work like a normal rice cooker, minus the large size. They can be found at the same aisle as the other rice cookers and they tend to cost less. You can cook up to 5 portions of rice in a compact rice cooker, so it is great for those living alone or for a small group of people. Compact rice cookers also take up less space than a regular rice cooker, and it will not get in your way when you are cooking on your kitchen counter.

Toaster oven

Most small kitchen setups will not have the space for a built-in oven, so you will have to get a freestanding oven. However, freestanding ovens can be quite large so if you have limited space, consider getting a toaster oven instead. It is a lot smaller than a regular oven, but you should still have enough space to bake and cook a satisfying portion of food. Toaster ovens are mostly used to toast bread but they can do more than that. You can use them to bake some cookies or muffins, and even cook a meal like baked fish or chicken. They may not be as powerful as a regular size oven but they are a great addition to a small kitchen.


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