How to smartly set up a small kitchen

Saving space in the kitchen is not that difficult. Modern interior solutions and home appliances innovations will help you. Unfortunately, statistical cuisine in many countries is not impressive. If you managed to accommodate a table and all the necessary household appliances, it is already a great achievement.

Not everyone agrees with this situation. That’s how thoughts about re-planning, moving the kitchen to another room, or even buying a new home where the kitchen is connected to the dining or living room are born. Fortunately, there is not always a need for radical measures – there are other ways to solve a small kitchen problem.

I recommend some proven ideas that will save space to make the small kitchen even more comfortable and cozy.

Built-in microwave. When the kitchen is small, you must use common sense. If you can choose furniture for home appliances, do not think about it and choose. The built-in microwave oven will free the work surface and will not overload the interior.

Narrow dishwasher. If the kitchen is small, it is likely that the idea of giving up the dishwasher will come to mind. Do not rush! Today you can buy a narrow model with a width of up to 45 cm. After all, such a narrow dishwasher can be applied even in a small kitchen, right? The dishwasher helps to save time, electricity, water and finance.

Unconventional refrigerator. Standard refrigerators are usually large and occupy quite a lot of valuable space. If possible, replace the conventional refrigerator with built-in refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Folding table. A beautiful, large oak table is undoubtedly impressive, but not everyone can afford such luxury. Not so much for the price as for the square meters that the table occupies. Get a foldable table and enjoy life. It easily folds, frees up space and makes the kitchen more spacious.

Kitchen bar. There are such small kitchens, where even a table is an inaccessible luxury. The table can be replaced by a kitchen bar, which will also serve as a working surface. By the way, if it fits for your kitchen – you can use a wide kitchen windowsill instead of a bar.

Folding chairs. Folding chairs can now be found in virtually every furniture store. The days when such chairs were used only in the summer bungalow passed long ago. Folding chair fits perfectly in any style of interior. The most important thing is to find a nice and enjoyable model.

Compact dishes. Modern homeowners and dishes manufacturers are thinking of housewives and take care of them. They understand that in a small kitchen there is no room for a wide variety of dishes and utensils. The solution was to buy pans, pots, bowls, and plates that you can put one into another. This can save a lot of space.

Suspended pots. There is usually no room for decor items in a small kitchen. Sometimes it is not even possible to store houseplants, because the flower pots load the interior and occupy the work surface. However, it is not worth abandoning your favorite flowers. A great option – hanging pots. Not only will they save space, but they will also look stylish. Beauty!


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