A Brighter Idea: 9 Practical Tricks For Your Overall Kitchen Lighting Design

Either you construct or remodel a kitchen, countertops and lighting fixtures must be the significant element you have to consider. Aside from being keen when it comes to choosing the right countertops, selecting lighting fixtures entails the same amount of importance.

Hence, considering the right lighting fixtures that complement with your kitchen countertops demands an absolute focus. Your choice of having a fit and incredible type of kitchen depends on your proper selection of lights.

So, the proper way of adding a kitchen lighting fixture will be explained below and should demand specific tailored light treatments for your kitchen. Here are they to get you started.


Bear in mind that there would be three different sources of lighting you have to consider to come up with your desired kitchen lighting scheme. First, some lights create the overall and entire kitchen atmosphere, second the one that gives functional lighting, and lastly the ones that serve as decorations and accessories.


If you would like to create an excellent kitchen atmosphere which creates a crushing effect and a pale light, a spotlight installed in the ceiling would be a great choice. It formulates a warm indirect light and gives a little bit of drama to your kitchen.

On the Job

The best kitchen part you have that mostly benefits the lighting comes from the sink, countertops, and center islands. You have to make sure that each illumination placed in this area would be precise. LED luminaires have to work directly with overhead cabinets.

Additional Advice

It is essential to install a lighting system that links two most significant zones of your kitchen which would be the cabinets and the center islands. Make sure that you choose lighting fixtures that illuminate all inside closets to your wall brackets.

Deco and Design 

Wall lamps also play a significant role when it comes to your kitchen lighting. Coping with your desired kitchen atmosphere should be trendy. You also have to make sure that your choice of decorative lighting fixtures must be easy to clean and practical.

Moreover, you also need to combine all ceiling lights and countertop surfaces carefully. Make sure not to overwhelm your ceiling lightings and colors should match the type of countertops you have.

Welcome Lighting  

LED lighting plays the leading choice in today’s generation talking about lamps and lighting. Choosing a small size of LED lights for a kitchen welcome showcases the importance of every kitchen’s part. Most LED lights come as decorative and utilize low energy.

In the same manner, LED lights offer three grades. The daylight, warm white, and bright white. Your decision of choosing the correct LED lights depends on the natural light that enters your kitchen. Lastly, there are LED lights you can buy with adjustable illumination.

The Right Bulb

Talking about bulbs, fluorescent and compact lights become too popular and a top choice of every household for all kitchen lighting designs. They have replaced the traditional incandescent lamps. The same with LED’s, they have a lower energy consumption.

Lux Illumination

Lux illumination refers to the amount of lighting and the number of lights you put in your kitchen. A total lux illumination will be achieved by setting the right number of light bulbs producing enough amount of brightness for overall kitchen room showcase.

Besides, it is a technical aspect you have to deal for your kitchen lighting design. Hence, make sure you have to work thoroughly with your kitchen designer to achieve the right lux illumination.


Ideally, your bulbs may lose the right amount of lights if covered with dirt and dust. You have to make sure that you regularly wipe off the filth that your light bulbs may acquire.  Maintaining a dust-free kitchen lighting fixtures will not affect the effectivity of having a perfect kitchen environment you want to achieve.


A lighting fixture you choose for your kitchen implies a technical job to complete. Also, your choice of having proper light bulbs and lamps will create a massive lighting impact for your kitchen in general.

In conclusion, many household plans to have a perfect kitchen design through lightings. Lastly, with all the tips and considerations listed above, will surely help you in achieving an ideal kitchen design completing the household set up  you’re aiming.


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Written by Tom Clark