7 Ways To Keep Your Carpet Clean And Beautiful

Getting a new carpet in your home can be a wonderful thing. It is often clean, soft and looks brand new. At first, the colors of the carpet are still bold and crisp and yet to be worn down by the foot traffic that is to come. Aside from never allowing anyone to walk on your new carpet, there are things you can do to keep your carpet looking beautiful and clean. Below are some tips to take into consideration after you spend your hard-earned money on new carpeting.

1. Take Shoes Off

One of the easiest ways to keep your carpets new and clean is to remove your shoes when you come in from outside. Shoes are notorious for tracking in dirt and debris from outside and squishing it into your carpet. Remove your shoes at the door to keep oil, dirt, mud and other debris from being tracked in off the streets and in the yard. Failure to remove your shoes means grinding in whatever is on your shoes into the piling of your carpet strands.

2. Use Doormats

If you cannot always take off your shoes when you come inside, a good doormat should be placed in front of the entrance. A doormat that is stiff-bristled can allow you to scrape off excess water, mud, dirt and other substances off your shoes so that it does not get tracked onto your carpet. A second, softer doormat should be inside the door frame to protect your new carpet where it meets the door.

3. Regularly Vacuum

Most people do not forget to sweep their hard floors many times each week. It can be easier to put aside vacuuming your carpets when you don’t see or feel the debris as much. However, your carpeted areas that receive high amounts of foot traffic should be vacuumed often to keep dirt and debris from building up. For areas that do not get as much traffic, they can get vacuumed less often.

4. Clean Up Spills Right Away

Unfortunately, no home is immune to spills on their carpeting. To ensure the stain is removed properly, it is necessary to take care of it immediately. Take care of any spills as soon as they occur by using a clean, white piece of cloth to soak up any wetness. Next, use a stain remover product or a non-abrasive cleaning solution to clean the carpet and keep the stain from setting in. If the spill had chunky pieces in it, remove those before treating so they do not get rubbed into the carpet fibers.

5. Do Not Rub Stains

One of theworst things you can do when cleaning up a spill on your carpet is to rub it.Rubbing back and forth will only grind the stain deeper into your carpet fibersand the padding underneath. When cleaning a spill, it is best to gently blotthe area until all excess moisture is absorbed before attacking the stain with carpet cleaners.

6. Keep UV Rays At Bay

Most peoplealready know how damaging UV rays can be to our skin. Unfortunately, many ofthose same people do not know that those same UV rays can cause sun damage to carpeting.With excess sun exposure, your carpet color can start to fade and the fiberswill eventually break down over time. If possible, close your drapes beforeleaving your home for the day. Less sun exposure ensures your carpet stays lookingits best.

7. Clean CarpetAnnually

All carpets should be cleaned regularly. The type of carpeting, the amount of foot traffic and how many people live in your home will determine how often to get it professionally cleaned. Homes with high traffic areas should have their carpets cleaned at least every six months. Low traffic areas can be cleaned annually. Consider choosing a cleaning company that uses steam to clean your carpets. Using less water will lessen the risk of mildew or mold growing in the padding of your carpet. Less water can also help to extend the life of your carpet.

Brand new carpet can be an expensive investment. Follow these steps to ensure your investment lasts many years and stays looking its best.


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