7 Christmas Decoration Ideas to Feel Truly Festive this Year

It is almost Christmas time, most festive time of the year. The temperatures are dropping and our hearts are warming up to welcome this Santa season. People are all set to spend their holidays in decorating their houses, buying gifts for the loved ones and making nice Xmas tree. It is never too much decoration when it’s Christmas we like to make our home look pretty with foliage, tinsels, flower bouquet, Christmas tree, door wreaths and what not. We always like to be a little unique and extraordinary for our Christmas decoration, so here we are with 7 Christmas Decoration Ideas to feel all festive this Christmas.

D.I.Y Advent Calendar

Traditionally Advent is a catholic practice wherein the candle is lighted from December 1st till 25th December. This is simply a countdown to Christmas. This is also done in so many different ways 25 mini chocolate bags are decorated and they have numbers from 1 to 25 pasted on it. The kids love this idea of advent calendar as they get treats till 25th of December. This decoration can be done where you have placed Christmas trees and where all the Christmas gifts are kept. The decorated corner would look so beautiful attracting every visitor.

Christmas Dining for any Occasion

During Christmas we keep our whole house decorated from living rooms to the balconies. So the dibber table should also be beautifully decorated to keep up with the festive spirits. A nice beautiful flower bouquet decorated with foliage and spruce can be placed on the centre of dinner table. Likewise you can make the chandelier out of same materials and add frosted blueberries and red berries to coordinate it with colours of the season. Instead of flower bouquet you can also decorate huge fragrance candle on the middle of the dining table.

Festive Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements are the best decoration whatsoever the occasion is. You can decorate the wooden basket with poinsettias, pine plant, red and white amaryllis and other fresh evergreens and flowers with thick petals. You can hang decorative sparkly stars, reindeers and tiny Santa Claus on this floral arrangement. You can also hang red balls on the flower arrangement. You can choose flowers of beautiful scent and powerful fragrances. Send Christmas flowers online to your dear ones whom you cannot meet on Christmas.

Personalized Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreath is an official declaration that it is a Christmas season. Christmas wreaths are hanged on your main door to greet your guests and they are also hanged on glass windows that visitors can catch an eye on it from outside. A Christmas wreath is a big opportunity to show your crafty skills to your family and guests. They are also easy to make and even children are so excited to make some personalized Christmas wreaths. You can make Christmas wreaths and decorate it with tiny Christmas toys of toffees, ginger bread houses, stars, cupcakes, hearts, Santa and other such Christmas related toys.

Labelled Christmas Candles

You can make homemade fragrant candles. You can make candles of different colours by adding colour to the usual candle making wax. You can buy unique moulds for making different types shaped candles. You can add essential oils or fragrance oils of your favourite flowers. To add a personal touch to these candles you can Photoshop pictures and few Christmas messages and paste it on the glass holder of candle.  This would look very beautiful and your guests would be delighted by reading amazing festive messages on candle holders. You can make Christmas gift delivery to all your loved ones and surprise them with their favourite gifts.

A sparkling Christmas Tree

This is the biggest decoration for any Christmas. Choose a nice and healthy Christmas tree and then take help of your little army to decorate the whole tree. You can buy decoration supply from the market or online. You can also keep themes for decorating Christmas tree like a specific colour or a specific pattern. I would like to give you a wonderful Christmas decoration idea; you can print pictures of your family in a passport size photo and paste them on cube. Now hang all those cubes on the Christmas tree, this is a very unique and personalized Christmas tree decoration ideas. You can add pictures of your relatives too; they would be overwhelmed on seeing it.

Festive Essentials for Pets and Kids

No one is really more excited than kid in the house for Christmas. You can arrange some exciting gifts for your kids. If your kid is very small you have to extra special in making arrangements because he will get the whole idea of Christmas celebration according to the way it is celebrated at home. You can hand a sock for Christmas present outside home and for your pets keep their stockings ready too, to fill it with treats and toys admired by them.

The Christmas holidays help us spend quality time with our loved ones over decorating the house. So get ready to make some everlasting Christmas memories with your family.


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Written by Lauren Johnson

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