7 Building Material businesses you can start in the UK

Do you have a genuine interest in doing business related to real estate, but you are not sure where to begin? Here are the best ideas that could help you start building material businesses in the UK. Note that most of these businesses ideas have been tested and proven to yield an impressive return on investment. As the world keeps developing, new structures are constructed continually, which means you have a ready market if you are looking to invest in real estate or construction. If you look around, you will notice that most of the construction going on demand the best quality building materials like composite decking, and your business might be what the clients are looking for. Here are some of the greatest building material business ideas that you could start in the UK and get huge returns.

1. Making Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium windows and doors are quickly replacing the wooden ones. The one thing you should know is that you can easily learn how to make aluminium windows and doors on your own. These are the products that the industry is looking for right now. They will bring you huge returns in the shortest time possible because they are the best selling products. Therefore, you can go ahead and get ideas about how to make them. While starting, you must gain a competitive advantage by creating high-quality items. Still, you should be creative enough to create unique designs to attract as many buyers as possible. After you have started your business and learned how to make the products, you can look for a team to help you create the products as you market them.

2. Cabinet Modelling and Replacement

If you can make nice-looking cabinets, then you can make good money from your skill. Better still, you can hire someone to do the job for you. In the current time, there is a huge market for TV cabinets, Kitchen cabinets, bedside cabinets, and many more. Modern homes cannot be complete without nice cabinets. You could use composite decking to create robust cabinets for your clients. There is no way a kitchen without cabinets would look nice. This only means that there is a lot of business for anyone looking to invest in nice cabinets during the time when there is a lot of construction going on. You have the choice of importing cabinets and then fixing them for people who want to have them in their homes or places of work. Before you start importing, check out the rules and regulations on the importation of the products from foreign locations. That way, you will avoid having your items seized before they reach your location.

3. Mirror Installation

Though mirrors are seen as fashion accessories, they are a bit more than that. Currently, homeowners use mirrors for decorative designs to make their structures stand out. Therefore, if you have a thing for decoration, you could seize the opportunity and get money from it. If you want to start this kind of business, do a lot of research on the main styles and designs done with mirrors and then learn how to do it. Even if you are not sure about your decorative skills, it is easy to hire a team of experts to do the work as you sell your business both online and offline. Thankfully, there are different types of mirrors, and you can learn to pick the best quality to make the dreams of your clients come true. While getting started with the mirror installation business, you have to check what your competitors are doing.

4. Selling and installing Bathtubs

How about selling bathtubs to construction companies? If you do your homework well, you will learn that bathtubs are an integral part of a beautifully finished home. I doubt if a bathroom can look great without a beautiful bathtub. To increase the size of the market for your business, you should not stop at selling. It is more profitable to provide installation services so that you get the most from your venture. Also, you can resurface sinks and bathtubs. After installation, inform your clients that in case their sinks and bathtubs get stained, you can come back and do some resurfacing for them. For the sake of competitive advantage, you need to come up with cost-effective ways to provide services to your clients so that they always look for you whenever they need your services. Also, the bathtubs you sell to clients must be of the best quality if you want your business to survive the competition.

5. Selling Steel Doors and Gates

For security reasons, companies and homeowners are looking for the best gates and doors to guard their property. This business has not been utilized enough, and if you look carefully, you will notice that you can make good money from selling the steel gates and doors. If you don’t have enough capital to get you started and hire some experts to make the items, you can learn how to make them. Making them yourself can be a nice way to reduce production cost. This kind of business is wide since there is a wide range of designs that you can come up with. Once you market your business well, your clients will make orders and describe the exact design they want.

6. Block Making and Selling

Though many other products can be used to construct buildings, concrete blocks are still the best. You can make blocks and sell them to construction companies at a fair price. Even if you sell at fair prices, you should maintain high-quality so that your clients can market your business for you. Though many companies are making blocks, you will still get clients who are willing to get the products from you. This will reach out to you if you employ the right marketing techniques and a lot of patience.

7. Roofs and Roof Installation Services

Unless a building has a good roofing system, it cannot be called complete. Therefore, you can start a business that focuses on selling roofs and then offering installation services. It is possible to import roofs and deliver them to the construction site. Though there might be stiff competition from renowned manufacturers, you can survive if you employ the right marketing styles to get clients. Also, you need to sell your products and services at a pocket-friendly cost so that clients consider getting the products from you.


There are many building material businesses, composite board materials, interior and external decorations,  that you can start in the UK and make real money.  You must consider selling your business online since that is where most clients can be found. Try to create a small blog and utilize SEO to help you get your business known. One of the significant challenges faced by small business is stiff competition from large established companies. However, this is not something that should hold you back as long as you stay focused and take every opportunity to learn a thing or two from the industry. 


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Written by Eric Reyes

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