5 Tips For Choosing The Best Plantation Shutters In The Ipswich Area

When you are decorating the interior of your home, you should choose plantation shutters that will match your style, preferred color scheme, and budget. There are a few tips listed below that will make it easier for you to buy nice shutters that you can use every day. Plantation shutters are used on the inside of the house to block out light or prevent a draft from entering the house. This is a lovely addition to every room when the installation is done right.

1. The Size

The plantation shutters Ipswich options that you select from should be the appropriate size for each window. Most homes have a number of different windows, and you should select a shutter that only covers the window. You do not want to install a large shutter that covers part of the wall, and you need to make sure that the shutters are the appropriate width. When the shutters close properly, they line up with one another.

2. The Style

The style of each shutter should be chosen to suit the house. If you have a Spanish-style cottage, you need a shutter that is designed with the tight slats that are indicative of the period. The style of the shutters could change from room to room, and you can use pictures of the shutters to decide which style will work in each room.

The style of each shutter needs to go beyond the styling of the house. You can get shutters that do not close at all. These shutters could act as window treatments in your rooms, and they could provide a bit of color to the room you did not have before. If you want to close the shutters, you could have them installed on a hinge or sliding rail.

3. The Color

The color of the shutters adds character to the room. You can choose a color that matches the walls, or you could choose a color that compliments the walls. You may have white trim in the room, and you can use white shutters. If you have an accent color in the room, you can paint the shutters that accent color. You simply need to decide which colors will look best when they surround the window. You should also take into account any drapes that you are using. Many people who have plantation shutters will not use drapes at all, but the color your drapes could change the color you choose for the shutters.

4. How Do They Lock?

When you are buying plantation shutters you need to decide if you would like to lock them or not. Someone who has old windows in their house may want to lock their shutters for added security. You could also get locking shutters because you want them to remain close if there are heavy wind or storms in the area. This is a nice feature if you would like to keep the room dark in the morning when you wake up, or you could use the hardware from the locks to add a bit more character to the room.

5. Cost/Materials

You can choose from a number of different materials to ensure that the shutters do not cost too much money. You have likely set up your budget so that you can afford to buy the shutters and have them installed. You can get wooden shutters if you want something heavy that will withstand wind and rain. Wooden shutters are very impressive, but they will be more expensive than a shutter made from some sort of composite material. There are also shutters made from heavy-duty plastics that might be a little bit more affordable.


The best thing that you can do is create a design for each room in the house. When you are searching for shutters, you can decide which shutter will work in each room. Some rooms will need a nice shutter that can lock for the sake of security. Other rooms need a lighter shutter that is made from a composite or plastic. You can choose a color that works for each room, and you can have these shutters hung on the wall with hinges that make them easy to close.

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