5 Features To Make You Choose A Latex Mattress

Are you planning to buy a new mattress? There’re various mattresses on the market but nothing beats a latex mattress. This type of mattress is well known for luxurious comfort, soothing pressure point relief, and cushioned support. Latex mattresses have customizable layers for adjustable comfort, firmness, and thickness to suit your needs. The best thing about sleeping on a latex mattress is the healthy construction. Read on to understand these 5 features to make you choose a latex mattress.

Contouring comfort

When your body needs contouring while sleeping, a latex mattress is an ideal option. Latex compresses under the hips and shoulders. Additionally, it extends to support the waist and legs. Latex mattresses have a spring back feel for a luxuriously comfortable sleep. The next morning, you’ll wake up with relief from pressure points with your body contouring to every move.

Customized sleep

These mattresses come in various firmness and thickness levels each offering particular support. For partners with different sleep habits, one side of the bed can be made firmer than the other. This means two people can sleep on the same mattress while enjoying different firmness levels. This is because organic latex mattresses come with about 7 layers not glued together. It allows adding or removing layers to match your comfort level. This customization makes a latex mattress worth your money.


Another reason to choose latex when you’re to buy mattress in Singapore is the great deal of buoyancy. Mattresses made with 100 percent natural latex have a little bounce since latex is sap from a rubber tree. This will make you not feel sinking into the mattress. The good news is that this bouncy feeling lasts through the mattress lifetime. In addition, a good quality latex mattress can last for about 25 years. You’ll enjoy quality support and comfort for all those years without the mattress sagging.

Motion isolation

Just as seen above, latex mattresses have a buoyant nature. This ensures that your sleep movements are not felt by your partner. This is helpful when a partner has to care for the little ones, have different work schedules, or makes regular trips to the bathroom. The other partner will just continue enjoying their sleep without waking up. This motion-isolating feature of a natural latex mattress ensures that no partner is disturbed in their sleep.

Cool sleep

Regular mattresses are known for making sleepers hot, which is not the issue when you sleep on a latex mattress. Latex allows free airflow encouraging heat and moisture to escape. The open cell structure of this type of mattress will keep you cool throughout the night. Therefore, for anyone looking forward to a peaceful sleep, a latex mattress is your best bet.

Superior quality

Latex mattresses have superior quality compared to regular mattresses. You just have to find a quality brand with products made from 100 percent latex. Additionally, look for a mattress with various certifications. This will give you peace of mind that you’re resting on the best quality mattress made with healthier materials. The certifications might include:

  • Eco Institut Tested
  • QUL Certificate
  • Euro-Latex® Eco Standard
  • The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Bottom line

Sleeping on a latex mattress comes is the solution to better luxury sleep. These handcrafted organic mattresses have the finest materials for a healthier sleep experience.


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