4 Common Signs That Say You Need to Repaint Your House!

Painting a house can be a really time-consuming task! And all the money that you need for it – from engaging the professional men to work to keeping the kids and pets away — it certainly seems quite a tough task! But it is worth investing your time, money and effort, as the returns of the same are really rewarding. A finely painted home seems a perfect and pleasant place to reside. And the added aesthetic value pumps up its resale value too. Not to forget the great impression you’ll be making on your visitors through a perfectly painted home!

A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look of the house. In fact, it can be called the best way to remodel your home without much hassle and investment. You may reapply the same colour on the wall, or you can try changing the shades of the entire place — the effects of both are awesome. You can instantly feel the pleasant transformation in your home. But hiring experienced and good interior house painters in Auckland like Ayda Painting is necessary. A good amount of expertise is needed to paint your home perfectly, making it look new and attractive instantaneously.  And only the best professionals can achieve the height of perfection and pinnacle of beauty in your home.

When do you require a fresh paint at home?

Painting the house gives a new life to those lacklustre walls, and transforms the home into a pristine place to live in. Of course, we all are aware of these visible benefits of painting. But still, most of the times, we keep the painting work pending until we have a certain occasion in our home, or only when we have bought a new home. There are more such times when we ignore the need of painting the house while it requires a fresh hand urgently. Read below some of these signs that clearly state that you should be painting your house soon!

Faded and outdated colours — If you don’t remember the last time you painted the house, it clearly specifies that your paint has outdated. The shade wouldn’t even exist in the market now, and you are still unaware of the need of freshly painting your home?! Also, when it’s been quite a long while that you painted the house, the walls would appear faded and would turn into a lighter shade of the original colour you painted them in! When you finally notice these signs in your home, better start exploring the latest paint palette in market for your home.

Peeling and cracking walls — Does your child enjoy scraping the paint layer from the wall? Do you get embarrassed when the paint peels suddenly fall on the ground in front of your guests? This clearly certifies that your paint has turned old and dilapidated, and need rejuvenation. This issue mostly occurs when there’s a good amount of water vapour that got settled between the wall structure and the paint, causing the paint layer to separate from the wall. Fresh painting is the only option available in this case. But ensure that you repair the issue of water vapour in the structure before painting.

Hard caulk — Caulking is basically waterproof filler which has the capacity to expand over time. Constant exposure to extreme weather causes damage in caulking, making it hard over time. If this feels extremely rigid to touch, get alarmed and call an expert to repaint.

Mildew and mould — Mould and mildew are a common problem in every household. It usually occurs because of moisture in a certain area or an unclean habit. If the issue has just started, and the area is already freshly painted, professional cleaning can take care of the situation. But if the issue has been for quite a while now, and the mould continues to arrive after some time, just cleaning alone wouldn’t help at all. The best way to eradicate the issue can be only by painting the wall. Thus, the next time you find a mould formation in multiple areas of your home, understand the issue in-depth, and get the house painted as soon as possible.

Apart from all these, if you find pests coming out of your walls, powders pouring down from them, dirty and visible stains on it, then painting is the best medicine for your home to make it beautiful and alluring again!


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