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3 Breathtaking Ways of Designing Your Home in Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design is the king of interior design. It has its origin in the Scandinavian peninsula where people have created this perfect simplicity that not only is soothing to the eyes but also exudes enormous functionality. The whiteness, the openness and the lightness are the three basic principles of the Scandinavian design. It feels warm, comfortable and very welcoming.

Generally said, it is very easy to imagine your life in such comfort surrounded by relaxing sights in your own home. Here are 3 incredible ways you can design your living room in your home if you plan to live in it. Or, if you are planning to sell the place, let these 3 examples of interior design be your way of staging your home for the potential buyers to immediately fall in love with the place.

  1. White and Simple

Scandinavian design asks for natural light – as much as possible. This is because in Scandinavia the nights are very long so that people want to use as much of the natural sunlight as possible. This concept was gladly accepted by interior designers all over the world because the people need sunlight in their lives every time it is available, therefore, big, wide windows is simply a must in the rooms.

In addition, placing a rectangular table with black chairs near the windows is another classic Scandinavian move. The lines of the furniture items are straight, sleek and seamless. There are not many decorative pieces except for a lamp and a rectangular coffee table that complements the colours of the room altogether.

The flooring is wooden in a very bright colour, again, smartly chosen to complement the undertones of the room. The only thing that shatters the plainness is the rug under the coffee table that steals the focus along with the grey comfortable sofa.

  1. Wooden Undertones, Decorative Items and Lots of Lightning

The next example is a living room that reflects the lightning off the wooden toned basics in the room. Carefully chosen wooden pieces of furniture in a bright colour that go together with the beige tiles on the floor and ambient lighting across the room creates an experience of comfort and relaxing state of mind in the room. Hand-picked decorative ornaments, all white and placed on attention-grabbing places in the room give the room its ornamental value. The books, in this case, is what makes the furniture items functional.

White colour is again present in the room and its illuminative character is enhanced by the ambient lighting that creates the perfect romantic atmosphere. The fluffy rug underneath the coffee table is symmetrically placed in the centre of the room, adding more depth to the overall perspective.

  1. Black and White Presence

The last example of Scandinavian design is this dichromatic design of black and white. It is elegant, modern and stripped of all decorative elements. It is highly functional with enormous windows that replace the whole wall side. The elements are symmetrical, with sleek lines and the lighting is in form of ambient lights on the black ceiling.

This kind of design immediately shows how staging your home can be simple yet functional and that you only need the basics to create a comfortable feeling inside the room. The flooring is black and grey which is in the same spirit as the rest of the room.

Some Final Words

Whichever style you choose you won’t make a mistake. The luxury and simplicity of the Scandinavian design simply leave no room for mistakes. It is all about the comfort and the pleasant feel while you are staying in the room.


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Written by Joshua Tipster

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