This is not one of the most readily available fruit around, but analogues of it can be found in other mediums such as milk, drinks, snacks etc. It grows in some countries and is imported in fruit form in some…but overall, it is one of those class of nuts that comes with lots of nutritional benefits, which includes;

-Great source of antioxidants; research suggest that some components found in almonds provide antioxidant properties hence protecting cells against oxidative stress ultimately guarding against inflammations, enhancing healthy aging and even preventing diseases like cancer.

-Prevents against constipation; this nut contains a significant amount of fiber hence helps in regulation of digestion and helps prevent against constipation.

-Regulate cholesterol levels; eating almonds have shown to decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) levels whilst increasing HDL (good cholesterol) which can protect against conditions such as atherosclerosis ultimately lowering risk for diseases such as hypertension which can lead to strokes, heart attacks etc.

These are just some of the benefits of almonds, few other include improving brain and bone health, great for skin care and also good for pregnancy and weight loss, so whats there not to like.


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