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What’s better sugar or sugar free?

A great number of people use sugar free products to reduce intake of sugar in their system.

They believe that it will help save them from diabetes and extra calories. But is this true? What is the fact or what is better, sugar or sugar free?

We should know that sugar-free is an artificial sweetener which claim to be calorie free alternative of sugar for diabetics.

Do you believe sugar free really helps you?

They also claim to be made of natural products. Now you look at the label of any such so called ‘sugar free’ product you will see the names like aspartame, saccharine, Sucralose, rabiyana, neotame etc.

The fact is that all of these are sweeter and dangerous than sugar. Maybe these are made of natural products but pass through chemical process before reaching to your mouth.

The researches have definite proofs that chemically treated sweeteners have negative impact on your stomach, blood sugar and certain cancer related problems. So what do you think what is better sugar or sugar-free?


What do you think?

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Written by Suny Ag


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