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People have to eat for them to survive, and there are various food categories for various functions within the body. The food is necessary for overall health – including both physical and mental health. It is, however, sad to point out that when people are coming up with the decision on what to eat, the main focus is always on the physical health – the kinds of foods that will make them have great bodies, feel great and give them the strength and the energy they need to go about their business.

They forget to take good care of their mental health as well by incorporating certain foods that are vital for the proper functioning of the brain. If you haven’t been keen about feeding and nourishing your brain with the right diets, here is a look at the top superfoods your brain will be highly delighted if you could be eating them on a regular basis.

Whole grain foods

There is a reason why whole-grain foods are considered as superfoods. They are not just great for the overall health of the body, but also they play an important role in feeding and nourishing the brain. Just like any other organ in the body, the brain requires energy so that it can work optimally and do a good job in ensuring that you are attentive and that you can concentrate while going about your daily activities. Normal grains such as wheat and pasta are surely delicious and will release glucose needed for energy for the body almost immediately after they are consumed. However, with whole grains, the glucose in them will be released slowly, to ensure that we remain focused and alert for a long time.


Blueberries are the small blue fruits, as they are commonly known within nutrition cycles, and their mention will never miss every time superfoods are being discussed. The fruits are known to contain some of the highest concentration of antioxidants which are vital in helping our bodies remove free radicals known to cause a myriad of health complications. As far as brain health is concerned, the antioxidants in blueberries are very effective in fighting the buildup of free radicals in the brain – something that if allowed may cause the brain cells to start getting old and die. Additionally, several studies have suggested that blueberries can help to improve memory and also enhance balance and coordination among the elderly.


Nuts sometimes don’t enjoy good mentions amongst those who are trying to lose weight due to their high-fat content, but as far as the brain health is concerned, they are one of the superfoods you will ever come across. In addition to having high-fat content, nuts are rich in minerals, and vitamins that are not just needed by the body, but also by the brain for optimal functionality. For example, it is from nuts that we get complex B vitamins necessary to keep the brain working properly. The other vitamins contained in nuts help to improve oxygenation within the body and this is necessary for helping vital nutrients and vitamins are transported to all parts of the body, including the brain.

Acai Berry

Whether you are taking acai berry fruits or you are taking acai berry powder supplements, it is one of the best superfoods you will ever have around, and a crucial one if you desire to have your brain working at its best. The fruits have one of the highest concentration of anthocyanins as well as other neurologically active substances needed for proper cognitive functioning. Studies have concluded that using acai berry can help to improve both long and short-term memories and also promote the process of healthy aging of the brain. Additionally, studies suggest that acai berry has the potential of protecting the body against neurological diseases such as dementia.  


If you are looking for the best source of vitamin K, then broccoli is one you should consider, and this is why it is considered as one of the superfoods. For those who don’t know, vitamin K helps in improving memory as well as the cognitive abilities of individuals. As such, it is such a vital mineral in improving the learning capabilities of individuals and this is why it is also one of the top recommended products for a powerful brain. The other beautiful thing about broccoli is that you can prepare it in a myriad of ways, hence you can make eating it as interesting as you possibly want it to be.


The benefits of fish for brain health has never been in doubt. Fish varieties such as anchovies, sardines, tuna, and salmon are great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are important in protecting the brain from cognitive decline which may lead to other mental health challenges such as rapid memory loss. Omega 3 fatty acids are also vital for the development of the brain cells and it is for this reasons that parents are encouraged to feed their young children on lots of fish so that their brains may develop properly.


Avocado is a personal favorite for millions of people due to its versatility to find a place in almost any plate. You can have it as part of the salads, you can put in rice, soup or the sandwiches and it will always taste great. But other than its convenience on our dishes, it is a potent fruit packed with a lot of vitamins needed to keep the human brain working properly. They also have antioxidants similar to those found in blueberries and as such, it is a real powerhouse when it comes to the best foods for brain health. The only downside of avocados is that they have high fat and calorie content and they may not be desirable by those who are trying to shed off some pounds.


Tomatoes contain a very powerful antioxidant know as lycopene and this is what makes it ideal for the brain. Lycopene is suggested to help protect the brain against strokes and other cerebrovascular diseases. It is also believed to reduce the risks of brain damage. You can decide to eat your tomatoes raw, in meals, as salads or even as a garnish.


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