These Are the Most Common Types of Dishes Used by Celebrity Chefs

If you’ve ever watched The Food Network, it’s likely that you’ve seen Guy Fieri’s trips to flavor town, Ina Garten’s mouth-watering recipes, or the hot competition of chefs like Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America. It’s easy to sit down and binge these shows, and speaking from experience, it’s also easy to build a few cravings as well.

But as you watch these celebrity chefs create masterpieces every day, have you ever wondered which ingredients they use the most? You’ve probably noticed how much butter is used by some chefs, or that certain types of cheese are used more often than others. Luckily for you, if these thoughts do run through your mind, we have answers.

Empire Today recently conducted an analysis of celebrity chefs on The Food Network to see what types of ingredients they utilize the most, their most common types of dishes, and more. To find this information, they analyzed over 1,300 recipes that are posted on The Food Network website from chefs like Rachael Ray, Jeff Mauro, Nancy Fuller, and more. To see what they found, keep reading!

Out of all celebrity chefs, the most common category of recipes is vegetable dishes, which accounted for over 44% of the 1300 recipes. Unsurprisingly, main dishes are the second most popular, which is then followed by “easy” dishes. Gluten-Free recipes accounted for over a quarter of the recipes as well, which is great news for those who live with Celiacs Disease or prefer to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

If you were to combine all of these recipes, what would happen? In terms of time, it would take nearly 30,000 minutes or 500 hours to complete every recipe. While it’s unlikely that anyone would do this, it still is pretty cool to think about. The average rating on The Food Network website for all of the recipes is 4.67, and there are over 151,000 reviews in total. The chef with the highest average rating is Nancy Fuller, whose recipes average at a perfect five out of five stars.

For the habits of actual celebrity chefs, Empire Today found the most ingredients and recipes used by each. While the most used ingredients are things such as salt, pepper, and olive oil, some chefs have a taste for other ingredients. Ree Drummond’s use of butter accounts for nearly 4% of all the ingredients she uses, and Sandra Lee’s use of onions overtakes her use of basic ingredients such as sugar, salt, garlic or pepper. If you’re looking for gluten-free recipes, look into Alton Brown, Katie Lee, or Jeff Mauro, as the majority of their recipes are gluten-free.

Whether or not you watch The Food Network, it’s worth it to look into some of these recipes. While a lot of their cooking antics are for entertainment, in the end, they are chefs. Each of them has perfected their recipes and cooking techniques. If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the analysis, check out the study in the link mentioned earlier. Happy cooking!


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