The Significence of Seasoning

For a Chef this is more than obvious. For the average person who is not literate in the hundreds of different flavors that can be created by the use of various condiments, seasoning is more than significant, it is crucial. 

For the average person what is necessary is to experience a number of different seasonings, (and I use the term in its widest possible definition adding all the various exotic preparations, from chutney to sour cream).

What one can do is take a bland item, and experiement with different seasonings, some alone, some blended, to get the flavor that one desires. 

For example, when I make vegeburgers I add chutney.  If done correctly, a special flavor is produced with rebuts the ‘tasteless’ epithet people toss on vegan substitutes.

Chutney isn’t the only ‘magic’ ingredient, of course, and is not the automatic ‘cure all’ for lack of flavor, it is just one item which, if artistically used, can make a dish interesting

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Written by Chef Lee

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