The 365 Photos Challenge #110 – Mung Beans with Moringa Leaves

Third week of enhanced community quarantine is making me an experimental cook.  Before this crisis,  I only cook dishes that is easy to prepare and the ingredients are simple.  

Now with ecq,  I learned to used ingredients that can be found in our backyard, like the moringa leaves.  We have plenty of trees in our yard.  

I bought a pack of mung bean.  Half of it was made into sprouted mung bean which I cooked several dsys ago. The other half, I cooked it with moringa leaves.  First is I boiled the mung bean until cooked.  In a fan,  I sauteed,  garlic,  onion and tomato, then I added the chicharron,  then the cooked mung bean.  I let it boil for a while, seasoned it with salt and ground pepper. Lastly, I added the moringa leaves. It is best to serve it hot and with rice. 


What do you think?

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