Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th Explained

Saturday, June 12, 2021

This video explains the Solar Eclipse in Gemini, which was on June 10th, and the new changes ahead.

New Moon Eclipse has to do with New beginnings, planting seeds, and moving forward. Feminine energy.

Solar Eclipse amplifies the New Moon Eclipse. Masculine or yang energy.

In Gemini, solar eclipse takes characteristics of this sign. Transitions from spring to summer. Open and adaptable to changes. Air element = moving fast and sweeping through to clear things out quickly. It has to do with the mind. Imagining and making visions for the future. Mercury involves communication, and it is also the fastest planet in the solar system. Speaking truth quickly to expose the truth. Dominance in taking action.

Energy Grid on the Planet is shifting. You will experience surreal life and losing one’s ground as well as heaviness in lower body parts. Energy grid is dissolving.

Feeling for the new energy system and where it is…because the world is changing. Step bolding into the energy grid?

Process of Disconnection—dissociate yourself from your surroundings and observe your surroundings as a third person.

1—Silence and Stillness each day and meditate into the new energy grid. You need to feel the new energy…with a quiet and relaxed mind.

2—Take Action to cocreate your reality. Every action will be tenfold. Take action towards your desires.


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