Reasons to Buy a Soda Water Maker

The SodaStream soda maker is a fun, new kitchen appliance essential to your home. This soda water machine transforms regular tap water into refreshing, carbonation soda water in a matter of seconds.

The SodaStream soda maker will SAVE in so many ways. It will save you time, money, storage space, the environment, and 2/3 less calories.

Fast, Easy, and Fun:

Making your own soda water is as easy as making a pot of coffee.

Step 1: Pour fresh water into the SodaStream bottle (included in your SodaStream kit)

Step 2: Fasten the SodaStream bottle into the unit

Step 3: Press three times to carbonate your water

Step 4: Add a capful of soda mix (if desired)

Step 5: Enjoy!

You can also watch the SodaStream video on the right for step by step instructions.

Making your own soda from home will be an instant hit with the kids. Your kids will enjoy squirting the carbonation into the bottles and mixing in their own soda flavors. The SodaStream sparkling water is a perfect addition to parties. Your guests will be able to make their own personalized soda concoctions. You can mix and match different soda flavors to suit everyone’s tastes. Best of all, there is no messy appliance to clean up!

Save Time and Money:

Making your own soda at home with your soda water maker will save you time and money. Save time and avoid countless trips to the grocery store by making your own soda in the convince of your own home. You will also gain more storage space in your home by not having a stockpile of soda bottles and cans.

Save money! A one liter bottle of Pellegrino carbonated water starts at $2.99. For a penny, you can make the same sparkling water with your home soda water maker. Soda water with SodaStream costs 17 cents per liter. That is a savings of $2.82 a bottle! You can make 17 bottles of sparkling soda water with the SodaStream soda maker for the same price as one bottle of Pellegrino.

Making flavored soda with your SodaStream soda maker costs 42 cents a liter. Each bottle of SodaStreamsodamix is about the size of a can of soda and contains enough syrup to make 12 one-liter bottles (about 36 cans) of soda, saving you money and space.

The SodaStream soda bottles are designed with a special hermetic seal in the carbonating bottle caps which keeps the soda fresh and bubbly, which means no more flat soda wasted and money down the drain.

Healthy Alternative:

Regular soda is loaded with sugar and calories. With your home soda water maker, you can enjoy a healthy beverage alternative to those sugary drinks. You are also able control how much sugar and sweeteners are added to your beverage. SodaStream’s regular sodamix flavors have 2/3 less sugar, calories, carbs and sodium than regular store-bought soda

Because you are making fresh soda with your soda water maker, there are no preservatives added, making this a healthy, refreshing beverage.

Environmentally Friendly:

SodaStream soda makers do not require batteries or electricity, therefore, saving on valuable resources. The reusable one liter bottles also save on cans and bottles.


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