Prairie Oysters for Hangovers

I know many of you don’t indulge but this is interesting at least to consider when people do indulge. Prairie Oyster is actually the name for a very unusual cocktail that supposedly was invented by a cowboy out in the Wild West in the 1800s.

You know the story because you have seen it happen in hundreds of Western movies. A badly hungover cowboy with spurs jingling walks into a saloon and heads straight for the bar looking for badly needed relief. If he makes it without getting shot he hopes to get the drink that will make his day.

The Prairie Oyster is made by first cracking a raw egg into a glass without breaking the yolk. This yolk is the “oyster” of this drink. Next, an ounce of vodka is added, followed by two dashes of vinegar, a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and finally a teaspoon of ketchup, oh yes, a few dashes of hot sauce topped with some salt and pepper. If that all goes down and does not come back up the hangover is guaranteed to be cured.

Sitting here writing this I have this sort of ticklish feeling in my stomach whether sober or drunk I do not think I could get this down my hatch. No wonder the cowboys of the Wild West always looked like they were stumbling about.


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