Overnight Oatmeal Versions: The Combinations are Endless!

Sunday, 11.26.17

I first got the idea about overnight oatmeal from a woman on a hiking meetup. It sounded interesting, and I wanted to try it to see if I liked cold and raw vegan oatmeal cereal. She talked about a simple recipe of oats, vegan milk, and fruit. So, the next day, I just used oats and almond milk because I didn’t have any fruit. I placed contents into a bowl, and placed this bowl in my refrigerator. In the morning, I just stirred the oatmeal mixture, and then I added a little bit of sugar and cinnamon. It was creamy and tasty.

Today, I decided to watch some videos about making overnight oatmeal, and I realized that there are many videos as well as many versions. Some are vegan and some are vegetarian. Many people also add chia seeds, and some people add Kefir or Greek yogurt. They create many layers that I felt full just by watching the video.

I decided to add three of the videos that I watched, just to display examples of overnight oatmeal cereal variety. It looks good and very filling because they add many layers of different items that I think they are overdoing it.

I prefer to keep it simple, but I might add chia seeds in the future as well as a fruit.


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