My Review of Wendy’s #2883, Lubbock, Texas

I decided to stop in at a Wendy’s in the neighborhood, in spite of my having once been in their kitchen. I figure, with the kind of past couple of days like I’ve had, surely some comfort food might help.

Boy, did I screw up again.

I ordered the Spicy Asiago Club sandwich. Now I’m wishing I’d have just gone to Dollar Tree and spent the money elsewhere.

The sandwich itself is $5.99. A little pricey for a small chicken sandwich but I figured “Hey I’m treating myself well.” The sandwich I got had a dry patty. The flavor sucked, too. What they call “spicy” seems more to me like a cross between mildew and pickle juice.

I had questions about the sandwich and other ordering options but with the cashier being suddenly busy, I guess asking questions was just too much.

I do not believe in sending food back because I have worked in too many kitchens where a cook feels if they’re disrespected” they have some right to spit on the food.

The sandwich was altogether too tiny for the asking price.

So, altogether, the meal was unenjoyable. The prices are way too high for what little you get.

When I told the manager my thoughts, she told me she was sorry but that was the size. When I told her the patty was dry, she offered to replace it. But my stomach was already feeling upset. Why add to the nausea?

As long as I never get day-old green tea from this restaurant again, I’m afraid the only product I can stand consuming from this location will be the green tea. Wendy’s actually has a powerful green tea. And once they figure out someone enjoys it, I’m pretty sure the management and crew here will figure out a way to ruin it, too.

Of course, should they ever sell me bad tea again, heads will roll.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I will not give this Wendy’s a 2.

Go anywhere else.



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