My Vegan Cafe Au Latte

Thursday, November 9, 2017

This evening, after my dinner, since I had one banana left, I had an idea to make Vegan Cafe Au Latte with a Bodum French Press and 1 banana. After making one cup of espresso in the French Press, I poured the espresso into a blender and add 1 chopped banana. I mixed, pureed, and frapped, before pouring warm mixture into a mug. It turned out really good, similar to sweet gourmet coffee or cappuccino. It doesn’t need any sugar because the banana is sweet, and the banana is also creamy and foamy to give the espresso a rich, creamy, and sweet taste. While drinking it, I forgot I was drinking coffee or espresso because it was actually too sweet, similar to a warm cacao drink. This is a must-try!

All you need is grounded coffee, your choice of espresso maker, one banana, one cup, and blender.

I added a snapshot from an event at the mall of a Moka and espresso cups at the Spring Garden Show.


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