Irresistible Fun Food: Nepali Cuisine

Sampling world cuisines is a fun food experience.  In America, at many of our shopping malls, we have these public eating areas known as “food courts”.  There are various types of restaurants in a circle.  It’s a great way for friends to eat out.  If my friend wants a hot dog but I want Chinese food, and my other wants to eat Italian food, there is probably a restaurant where we can each buy what we want to eat.  Then we take out plates or platters back to a table, we all sit down, and enjoy our meals.  Food courts are fabulous!

But!  They are some cuisines that are not represented.   For example, Nepal cuisine.  Well!  I can’t really say that it’s not represented.  My friend from Nepal says that Nepal cuisine is a combination of Indian and Tibetan foods.  I’m not sure what Tibetan food is, but we do have Indian food restaurants here in the USA.  So I guess you could say I have experienced half of Nepali cuisine.  At any rate, I have reviewed a collection of Nepali recipes at a food blog.  I’m convinced I would enjoy this food as many of the dishes remind me of food cooked in The Bahamas.  My late husband often talked about eating goat meat on the island where he spent his formative years of life.  He taught me how to use curry spice seasoning my cooking.

For this reason, I picked Nepali cuisine for my irresistible fun food.  All fun food doesn’t have to be a snack, appetizer, or dessert.  Some food is fun because it evokes a fond fun memory.  Also, it’s fun to learn about world cuisines and global flavors.

I was searching for recipes for Nepali dishes but found some interesting tweets about traveling and charitable works.  I think the first few tweets are very appropriate for this post.

P.S.  If I were going to pick a favorite fun food from Nepali cuisine it would be steamed MoMo (beef, chicken or veggie).



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