How did britisher steal tea cultivation from China – Part 2

The Britisher introduced an ‘innovation’ in making tea , Chinese used to drink and paste leaves in open water for thousands of years and the British started putting sugar first and later milk in this drink. The fact is that its seems strange to Chinese even today that anything else in the tea should be mixed.

Where the Indians have adopted many other English habits, there they ¬†used to mix it in tea while copying their rulers. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad writes in his book ‘Ghobar Khatir‘ in the Urdu style. Tea is the production of Chinese and according to Chinese specification, it is being used for fifteen hundreds years. But there is no point in the dream of anyone else that this essence can be from the taste of milk. But in the seventh century, when the Britisher heard it, they did not know what they thought about the innovation of milk, and because tea trades in India came through them, therefore, this innovation is spread here evenly. On the contrary, the matter reached here that people started putting milk in the tea rather tea in the milk.

India’s role in the American revolution?

A proof of India’s main role in the tea story, former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi presented during the visit of America in 1985. When addressing the joint session of Congress, he said that the tea born in India had led to the liberation of Americans from the UK. His point was towards 1773 when East India Company used to sell tea in the United States, but tax did not pay. Finally, on one day some Americans stir up the ships standing on the coast of Boston and throw the company’s proprietary tea packing in the ocean. The British government gave the answer to ‘the hands of hands’, which led to unhappiness in American colonies that ultimately ended three years later on American independence.

However, as explained above, the story mentioned above, Rajiv Gandhi was misunderstood, In the 18th century, Indians did not start tea but east India company directly purchasing tea from china.

How did britisher steal tea cultivation from China – Part 1


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