Green tea – lose weight while you drink it!

There are many benefits of green tea, and research has shown that 2-3 cups a day of this nature’s elixir can significantly help reduce your weight over time by speeding up your metabolism and preventing fat absorption. The best time to drink green tea for weight loss goals is to have a cup before and after breakfast to kick-start your metabolism followed by another cup before lunch. It is believed that drinking green tea regularly can reduce body fat by up to 19 %, which leads to a lower body weight in the long run.

Studies have also shown that green tea helps burn fat while you work out, almost 17% more fat is burnt if the beverage is consumed 30 minutes before exercising. Green tea mobilizes fat by improving hormonal levels and improves your body’s efficiency for burning energy.

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Buy INDIAN BREW, the natural green tea without any added preservatives and colorants, fresh and packed to perfection.  Next prepare the perfect cup of green tea by adding the INDIAN BREW green tea bag. Infuse the tea bag for 1 to 3 minutes and drink the tea without adding any sugar or milk to reap maximum health benefits. Drink a cup after every meal and keep this up for at least 3 months and you can lose up to 5% or more of your body fat.  If you are bored with just plain green tea, chose a flavor of your choice from INDIAN BREW’s range of flavours to make your tea more interesting. You can also add fresh fruits like kiwis, strawberries, pomegranate or nuts like almonds for an exotic and refreshing green tea experience. To beat the summer heat, you can make cold green tea by making it the regular way and adding ice cubes to the drink.

So go ahead make green tea a part of your daily habit and lose unwanted fat in a few weeks. Isn’t it marvelous that this prized drink contains almost no calories and a green tea diet will steadily help melt away your body fat with every cup!


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