Food is Easier to Prepare: Does it Improve People’s Lives?

The food industry is booming nowadays. Most people indulge in food being prepared for them. There are no shortcomings in terms of always on the go moment. Cup noodles are becoming popular for people who don’t have the time to cook. Pouring of hot water into a cup of noodles would be able to have a nice meal or put something into their empty stomach.

The question is, “Does it improve people’s lives?” In reality, it wasn’t. It can never replace the nutrients that can be absorbed from slow food or food prepared at home. Fast food is not also a great choice if aiming to keep healthy.

Some people who work in the city don’t have the luxury time to prepare a good meal. The quickest way to keep on going without hassle is to pack with prepared food. We can’t blame them since time is so precious and need to move at a fast pace. In the end, health is being compromised.

In some way, people who work in the countryside seem more realistic in aiming to keep fit. Life is not complicated. However, earning money is not modestly had. That’s the reason why some people who work in the city dreamt of having a house in the countryside and living there in the retirement age. It is the idealistic way to escape the complicated lives in the city.

Prepared food is plainly not pure in terms of having nutrients in the body. The lack of nutrients needed could still be attained by having vitamins. This is the last option for people who work hard in the city. Life is still in health condition with the supplementation of medicines that are prescribed by doctors. Moreover, they need to carry some fruits with them while on the way to their respective work in the city.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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