Find the best BBQ caterer for your next social event

Finding the right caterer for your event can be one of the biggest jobs of them all. Ensuring that the event runs smoothly is a big enough task of its own, without having to consider multiple dietary requirements plus the assurance of great customer service throughout the duration of the event.

Finding the best bbq catering service for your upcoming event may not be as simple as 1, 2, 3 but there are some tips on how you can make the process a little easier on yourself.

Book in some previews

Food tasting sessions are not only opportunities to have some delicious food in your tummy, but they eliminate the element of surprise.

Waiting until the big day to find out that the food really isn’t great may not be the best way to make an impression on your guests attending the event, so booking a tasting session with hand picked BBQ caterers will be a long term investment on your final decision.

Any good reputable service will offer a tasting session plus one on one time to discuss food options and the menus which are available for your event. It is also worth noting that the quality of a meal cooked for just you and a partner may be very different to that of a dish cooked for 100 or more guests. While taking note of the cooking and menu options, it may also be worth your while to consider the same dishes on a much larger scale.

Get it in writing

Unfortunately not all businesses are as good on the financial side as they should be. In some scenarios the price of a service will drastically increase when the time comes to pay. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable, especially without prior warning, so it is essential to get a quote from your chosen BBQ caterer before payment is made.

In the odd circumstance, a provider may reduce their rates, which is all well, but this could also mean a cut in the quality of food and / or service that you are receiving through your catering contract.

Gather referrals

Getting the inside scoop of a BBQ catering service could be the best thing you do during the research phase. Looking through websites often allows you to be misled by marketing quotes and fake statements so it is often best to go deeper and find out what the service are truly like once they have been hired.

Asking the catering firm directly for referrals from previous clients will work for you on two levels. Firstly by giving you clear insights on what the performance is like from the team involved. And secondly, the fact that you are digging around will make them work that much harder to make sure that everything you see and hear is all good, making you much more likely to sign the BBQ catering contract with them instead of another rival BBQ caterer.


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