DIY Homemade Flatbread

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Last night, I decided to make the Sweet Potato Flatbread from a YouTube video demo. It turned out different from the video demo, but it was still OK. So, I decided to browse on YouTube for other versions. This video demonstrates making homemade flatbread with just flour and water. It is even easier than the sweet potato flatbread. It is like making bread similar to your grandma’s method.

All your need to do is choose your regular flour and add some water. Mix well until it turns into dough. Then, cut off equal pieces, make balls, and roll out into flat pieces. On a pan, heat on medium-high, making sure to do both sides until it blisters.

Enjoy with hummus dip, eggplant dip, yogurt dip, vegan burrito, vegan taco, sandwiches, and vegan pizza.


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