Corporations are digging their own graves…

Monday, November 25, 2019

I decided to watch the documentary, Super-Size Me on Youtube. It is about Americans being the fattest people on earth because of all the fast food and junk food they eat. And, many are becoming fatter at a younger age, which will shorten their life span due to various healthy problems and diseases. As people become fatter and fatter, they also become dumber and dumber.

This movie is depressing. People shoving food down their throats, probably because they don’t have anything better to do. Just watching these people eat, I notice that look depressed and food is their comfort food, which makes them feel better about themselves, encouraging them to eat more until their body becomes supersized similar to the supersized comfort food they buy.

I think this is all preplanned, a part of the new world order agenda, so that everyone will be submissive slaves to the Zionist agenda, accepting and obeying the new world order.

This documentary is from 2004. It is now 2019, and I think many people have woken up to their surroundings and reality, aware of many issues in this world. Due to many people exposing the truth since 2004, I am sure many people out there are healthier than before, or at least not as unhealthy or fat as before.

Moreover, I have noticed many restaurants are popping up everywhere, mostly in malls where masses of people congregate on weekends to hang out with others. But I have also notice many of these restaurants don’t last long. They eventually close down, and a new restaurant replaces it. And, if all of these people are getting fatter, then they aren’t likely to go shopping for clothes. So, that is probably why many retail stores are also closing down due to not enough shoppers. Therefore, these corporations are digging their own graves. They are shoving food down people’s throats to make the sick and fat, which makes people even more depressed. They are losing interesting in shopping for clothes and nice shoes, opting for loose and bagging clothes as well as clunky shoes. The malls are turning into ghost towns. 

One way to improve your health involves keeping a daily food journal to log in every food and drink intake each day, which includes snacks. Maybe do this for a week. Then, reread the week’s food journal to analyze everything.


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