Banana Milkshake; An option Everyday!

Nothing but getting your blender with your skimmed milk and your frozen banana to make an intriguing, tasty, thick beverage whether for breakfast, lunch or anytime of the day. To your milk shakes you can also add low-fat yogurt to give it that extra thickness and also other fruits such as your frozen strawberries, mangoes, pineapple etc. to add extra nutrients to the mixture.

A good glass of milkshake is very healthy since it is without sugar with all natural ingredients. milkshakes can be a complete meal to keep the diet on queue and can be had at anytime of the day especially a great option for a full healthy lunch.

This beverage is not only an inclusive snack but it provides the body with nutrients such as fibres and proteins with low content calories hence great to promote weight loss and great for digestive and tissue health. It also contents optimum content of carbohydrates providing go-to energy. It also contains great quantity of vitamins and minerals due to the natural fruit content making this drink great for brain health, skin health, boost immune system and many more. Go indulge in that cup of greatness!


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