A Pizza Inn owner defends her stance on hiring special needs workers

I have heard of the company called Pizza Inn who is probably in the lower part of the food chain in terms of popularity around the world compared to Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza.

I am really impressed with the attitude of the Pizza Inn franchise in Greenville South Carolina owner Amanda Cartagine who has a policy of hiring employees who have special needs to work for her company.

Even though an employee that has special needs may annoy some of the customers inside of her store since their ability to do the work of serving the customers may not be the best of all times. since we are only human.

On Sunday one angry customer took out his aggression on one Pizza Inn employee who was not responsible in terms of his work assignment to refill a lettuce bowl.

The employee suffers from autism who felt the wrath of the angry customer. When the angry customer had a private chat that the manager of the restaurant that he should not take out his aggressions on an employee the way he did.

What Amanda did to prevent the ugly incident get blown out of proportion was to place a sign outside the store that reads “We  are proud to be an equal quality employer and hire ALL of God’s children.”

My advice to the angry customer is that if Pizza Inn does not appeal to his tastes, he can go eat his meal somewhere else since Ms. Cartagne is doing her community to hire anyone that she pleases to hire since it is evident that she is a God fearing owner.

Just for the record the Pizza Inn store in Greenville South Carolina has at least at least over half of the employees have special needs.

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Amanda has praised her employees that have special needs that once they get the hang of their work assignments, they do their job to the best of their ability which has gained the respect of the majority of her customers.


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