5 Reasons you should start eating Organic Honey

Honey has earned an eternal spot in the food market today. With roots dated back to the ancient times, the benefits of this luscious superfood were long identified by our ancestors. Today, we know honey for its sweet taste and a million health benefits, but not many people know that its healthy enzymes are lost after preservation and packaging.

Maximum variants of honey decorated in the shopping centers are heated and preserved to bring a dark color and remove any crystals from the product. But turns out we are destroying the natural enzymes that actually make it healthy. It’s time we move towards a healthy alternative, buy organic honey. Here are some reasons you need to switch to organic honey-


Raw honey is blessed with antioxidants called phenolic compounds. These antioxidants save your body from numerous type of cell damage due to free radicals. These free radicals are the alleged culprits for promoting the aging process and can largely contribute to building chronic ailments like heart diseases, and even cancer. After spending so much time and money on research, turns out raw honey could actually be a medication. The polyphenols present in honey can slowly battle out these diseases and promote health.

Heal Wounds-

Other than being a superfood honey could act as a healing agent for injuries as well. Being an effective germ killer and possessing other antibacterial properties makes it a catalyst in recovery. Manuka honey is the most popular type of honey for healing wounds today, its widely used by various hospitals too for therapy motives. The honey used there is medical grade but you can achieve a similar result with organic honey as well. Don’t apply the normal honey as the antibacterial properties are lost during jarring.


Phytonutrients are the compounds which shield plants from any harm like insects and harsh sun rays. This compound is blessed with a number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, which help you maintain a good health. Phytonutrients are lost in the long preservation process which makes the store honey not that healthy. Raw honey, on the other hand, does not share the same problem.

Digestive issues-

Well, there is no scientific reasons to back this statement, but historically honey has long been used to treat digestive issues. It was widely identified as a medication for diarrhoea, which is practiced until now. Other than that honey when taken on an empty stomach is said to empower one’s digestive system.


Organic honey might lack the right color, but it sure doesn’t lack the taste. In fact, many customers prefer organic honey just for its enhanced natural flavor. They are ready to pay the extra cost for the taste alone unknowing of its million benefits. Although, there are still many people who are not compelled by the taste difference.

So, bin out the preserved jars and bring in the organic stuff, don’t just act being a healthy person and actually become one.


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