10 Amazing and Easy Kids’ Cakes

Birthdays are exciting for kids but often turn out to be difficult for their parents. The simple reason being that the kids want something new every time which they have not seen at anyone else’s party. This uniqueness is also expected in birthday cakes. To make the things easier for you, here are some of the simple and amazing cake ideas which you can try for your kids on their next birthday:

  • Swimming Pool Cake: This cake is very simple. Bake a cake, scoop out its center and fill that portion with blue jelly. This makes the basic structure ready. Add some toys and some fine details to make cake look more special.
  • Aquarium Cake: This would require you to bake a rectangular shaped cake. Cover it with blue colored icing on all sides and cover the top with blue jelly. To add on fishes in this cake, bake some cookies in that shape, coat them with sugar syrup and paint them as desired. Once your fish cookies are ready, you can stick them at the side of your happy birthday cake.
  • Number Cake: After order birthday cake online you can cut and arrange the cake depending on the age of your kid. Cover it completely with frosting and stick candies all over it. And, the cake is ready.
  • Sprinkles Cake: Even though sprinklers are popular in decorating the cake on top and using it along with icing, you can make the cake look special by mixing sprinkles in the mixture before baking. Try it now!


  • Basketball or Football Cake: If your kid is a sports fan, this cake will be perfect for him. It is simple because you must cover a round cake with frosting and paste the candies of that specific color all over it.
  • Princess Cake: Bake two cakes of different sizes. Place the smaller one on the larger one and cover them with frosting and icing. On top, place a crown and the cake for your princess is ready.
  • Train Cake: If you are an expert in cutting cakes into rectangular pieces, this cake will be great to create. Arrange some of the pieces in the form of engine and coaches of the train. Cover it with frosting and paint train-like designs on it.
  • Sun Cake: This cake is all about icing. Get icing with you in yellow, orange, red and black colors and create a cool smiling sun on top of your cake. And, you are done!
  • Polka Dot Cake: This one requires additional efforts. First you must bake cake balls of different colours. Now place these balls in the mixture of light colour and bake the cake.
  • Fire Truck Cake:  Convert your regular rectangular cake into a fire truck with the help of icing. To make it look more beautiful, compliment it with muffins decorated with fiery icing.

With these amazing and unique decorative ideas for birthday cake, your kids will certainly be happy with your efforts. Make their coming birthday more special by doing a slight twist in the regular cake  at your home.

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