Yoworld Fashion Challenge 8.4.21

Wednesday, 8.4.21

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Today’s first challenge for August 2021 is a fashion challenge, titled Vintage to Modern, modeled on the front porch of a Palm Springs, California home. My first avatar received a 3.8/5.8 rating, which I think is average. My first avatar models trendy and flared purple pants with match halter top, sunglasses, dangling chain earrings, keys to her new mod condo, trendy designer purse, fancy high-heel shoes, and cute yellow sunhat to protect her face and makeup, from the hot August sun and heat.

My 2nd avatar received the rating votes of 4.3/5.8 on the same fashion challenge. She models a different outfit, which looks more luxurious. She looks like someone from Beverly Hills. She is a platinum blonde with the same hairstyle as the first model, but she has green eyes with thick lashes and smokey eye makeup. She models an elegant outfit of white short skirt, lacy blouse with black bow trim, white/pink high-heel shoes, and pink sunhat. She also wears white silver dangling chain earrings, black/gold designer purse, and she holds the keys to her new house. She also has blue- framed designer sunglasses, which is probably a Tiffanys brand.

Which outfit do you prefer?


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