Why Handloom Sarees Are Gaining Attention In Women Across The World?

Handloom Sarees are widely known for its exceptional and fine detailing weaving process, where high quality natural fibres are etched in it. With the use of infinite threads in these Handloom Sarees, it creates a magical weave. Wearing Handloom Sarees emphasizes the true beauty of women while giving an ethnic look, and making them stand out in the crowd.

What Made These Handloom Sarees Important Among Women Across The World?

  • Its right colors and an appropriate weaving process with a right pattern of looms, make these sarees a choice for millions of Indian women
  • They are highly exquisite and opulent in nature

Top Features Of Handloom Sarees, Worth Knowing

  • They are designed with natural fibres
  • They are light-weight to wear
  • With a mixture of gold and silver threads, they add a rich shiny texture to its appearance
  • Color combinations are unique

Here Are Top Fabrics Used To Make These Sarees Durable

There are various fabrics used in these Handloom Sarees, depending on its category. For Kanjeevaram saree, pure silk is widely used in its fabric. While for Tussar silk, Tussare fabric is used. Its highly quality threads and with a desired texture make the saree unique.

Types Of Handloom Sarees Which Women Prefer Most Of The Time

Cotton handloom sarees : These sarees will never make anyone look shabby. Cotton Handloom Sarees are an ideal ethnic wear even if a woman is wearing it in their corporate sector. Look stylish with these sarees and are a great choice for those who believes in staying fashionable and comfortable wherever they go.

Handloom Silk Sarees: Handloom Silk Sarees are a perfect choice for those who wants to stay stylish and glamorous in every occasion. Wearing these sarees is a perfect combination of stunning look as they are designed with various modern techniques.

Wedding Handloom Sarees: Handloom sarees are also a great option for wedding seasons; these sarees come with rich color suitable to flaunt your style. Its is designed with good-looking patterns with rich styling technique. A perfect new choice for women who are conscious about styling tips.

Steps To Style These Handloom Sarees Are Shown Below

Styling with Handloom Sarees is always believed to keep it simple.  However, women can always layer up these category sarees with a pair of handcrafted jewellery to add a style statement to their ethnic attire.  Below are top advice on styling these Handloom Sarees in an appropriate way:

  • Women opting for Linen handloom sarees,they can choose a simple cotton blouse with a pair of wooden jewellery.
  • Crisp cotton handloom sarees are good to go with a simple blouse and a combination of a nice handbag or clutch.
  • Pair up these sarees with a fine set of terracota or German silver jewellery to give that muted look
  • If someone is wearing these sarees for a wedding purpsoe, a pair of temple gold jewellery will go fine

Hope this article content will help women choose thebest handloom saree as per their choice and style.


These Handloom sarees are a symbol of Indian culture as well as a heritage. To get that complete gorgeous look, never forget to wear a Bindi with a pair of bangles to look that perfect in every occasion.


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