Which Bob is Perfect for You?

Monday, March 16, 2020

Straight Bob in different lengths, is also a Blunt Bob. LOB is a long bob. A-Line Bob. Layered Bob, which varies in style. Asymmetrical Bob. Kinky Bobs.

Also, consider your body type, facial features, and personality.

Oblong face looks best with a long bob, preferably with full hair on the sides.

Diamond face looks best with short bob.

Triangular face looks best with

Round Face looks best with Blunt Bob.

Heart Face looks best with Blunt Bob.

Rectangular Face is similar to Oblong Face.

Square Face is similar to Round Face.

Reverse Triangular Face looks best with a long bob, full at the ends, maybe a layered long bob without bangs.

I have tried all these bob styles since the 90s, and I now mostly do the layered bob because I have straight fine hair. Layered bobs give me the illusion of body and fullness, added to the fullness that henna gives me in order to color my gray. My face is oval. So, I can work all these bobs to fit my personality and style.


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