What’s In My Tote Bag Episode

Saturday, December 14, 2019

I decided to check out this video about “What’s in my Bag?” by this Youtuber because she promotes elegant style. I have a fake tote that looks like her bag. My similar brown tote bag is from Estee Lauder. I think my late mother had gotten it for free for buying makeup or perfume from a department store. She gave me this tote, which I sometimes use as a gym bag or photography bag. 

Inside her tote, she lists a laptop, hairbrush, iPhone, selfie-stick, power bank, kindle, wallet, tissues, airpods, earphones, keys, sunglasses, internet banking access, and makeup kit purse. Wow, she is too minimalist. I seem to carry too much items like a bag lady.

Let’s see what I have currently in my tote bag. The current tote that I am using is my red Karl and Choupette tote bag, in which I have been getting a lot of compliments on lately. My items include Michael Kors wallet, small makeup purse for mirror, lipstick, and lotion, small purse for money—change and bills, iPhone, keys, lozenges, iPad, Muniso power bank and charger, airpods, earphones, sunglasses, small pad and pen, a small red purse with miscellaneous items, and my graphic novel for promotional purposes.

What do you carry in your huge tote bag? 


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