Vegan Leather Purses, Wallets, and Accessories

Wednesday, 2.12.20

This morning, I took a stroll to UCI to browse through their vendor week booths. There were pictures, art, posters, used books, handmade jewelry, cute Asian stuffed toys and pillows, other handcrafted items, and snacks. I also noticed some vegan purses, eyeglass case, and wallets made from cork. They looked interesting because I initially that they were made out of wood, but they are soft and durable. There are also some earrings and belts. 

Check the below link for the Dzolik website, which has photos of these vegan leather items. They all look nice. I will consider buy one in the future if I need something. I will probably contact the website. 

Vegan Leather Purses, Wallets, and other accessories.


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